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The secret expectations that every girl has of her boyfriend

She will not tell you about these expectations, because she thinks you should just know. It is all about being considerate, and she thinks that she should not have to remind you to think of how she might feel.

Men who have had long-term relationships usually will not have difficulties meeting these expectations. However, if you are in your first relationship, you may want to familiarise yourself with this list before you find yourself single again.

Invite her when you go out

She may keep her lips sealed when you say you are going out with your friends, but she is wondering why you have not extended the invite to her. She will wonder what you plan on getting up to, and why you do not want her to socialise with your friends. It may just slip your mind that you should be inviting her to social events. You are used to only having to worry about yourself. Once you get into a relationship, it is an unspoken expectation that you will make an effort to invite her along to your social life.

Adjust your (walking) pace

When walking together, you should not be speed-walking ahead while she struggles to keep up behind you. Especially if she is wearing heels, she is not going to be able to walk quickly. It is impolite to leave her lagging behind. Be considerate and adjust your pace to hers. If you do this already, she will not notice. However, if you are guilty of speeding ahead, she will notice and it will be just one more way in which you are lacking an essential boyfriend quality.

Let her share your dessert

You go out for dinner, and she announces that she is not ordering dessert. That does not stop you, but then you are confused about why she is salivating over your ice-cream when she said she did not want any. Secretly, she wants dessert. She only said she didn?t because she either wants you to think she has plenty of self-control, or because she actually does have self-control. You need to understand that in this situation, you ask the waiter for another spoon and accept that you will not be getting half of your dessert.

Occasional flowers

You may think you have established that you are not the sentimental type, but on special occasions and sometimes just out of the blue, you need to surprise her with flowers. There is no excuse for skipping out a Valentine?s Day, even if you do not have plans for the day. She also probably wants you to sometimes indulge her with romantic gestures, such as, every once in a while, giving her a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates when you see her.

Tell her when something inappropriate happens

Sometimes, despite the best of intentions, you accidentally flirt with someone. Perhaps you thought you were getting a colleague?s number for work purposes, but then it turns out your colleague was trying to get with you. Your girlfriend will want to hear about these occurrences, and there is an expectation that you will tell her. If you do not tell her and she finds out, she will wonder what other secrets you are hiding.

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