4 Simple Exercises To Get Your Glutes Fired Up

Many people underestimate the importance of their glutes ? they?re vital for preventing injury, improving performance and overall stability. From the standard office worker to the five-a-day fitness enthusiast, the majority of us do not know how to properly activate our glutes. Whilst you may think sitting down helps (trust me, it doesn’t) our general lifestyle is the first and most common reason for this problem.

This is where we cross over to Breaking Muscle, which has a great post on glute activation with four handy exercises you can do too:

Enter Glue Activation

Simply put, glute activation is waking up your glutes. It makes the connection from your brain to your muscle and gets the muscle fired up and ready to do some work. Glute activation should be done prior to your workout, but it can also be done as an active rest between sets. And trust me when I say that doing some glute activation prior to your squats, lunges, and deadlifts will result in an excellent glute workout!

The Modified Clamshell

  1. Lie on your side with your head resting comfortably.
  2. Your bottom leg should be straight, with your top hip bent up to ninety degrees and your top foot resting behind your bottom knee. Your hips should be forward, and should remain in this forward position throughout the entire movement to come.
  3. Squeeze your glutes and lift your knee off the ground, keeping your top foot rested on your bottom knee (make sure your hips don?t roll back because they most certainly will try to do so).
  4. You should feel this exercise approximately where your jeans pocket would be. If you feel it here, you?re doing it right!

So there you have it, some great glute workouts that you can easily do at home or in the gym. Give them a try before your normal routine tomorrow and let us know how you got on!


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