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Basic skincare for men

Healthy-looking skin is your best accessory. Keep your complexion looking fresh and clear with these tips.

Use cleanser daily

At a minimum, you should give your face a quick scrub with cleanser every morning. Choose a product that is suited to your skin type. If you are prone to dry skin, it is absolutely essential you use a cleanser that is targeted to dry skin; the same goes for if you have oily skin. Using soap on your face is bad for your skin in the long-term, as it will dry out your skin. Using cleanser at night, before you go to bed, is also a good idea. However, do not overdo it on the cleanser. You do not want to mess up your skin?s balance. More than twice a day is too much.


Make moisturising part of your morning routine, especially if you have patches of dry skin. Men who shave their facial hair off completely may find that they are more prone to dry skin. When you are in a pinch, any moisturiser will do. However, it is best to get a moisturiser that is specific for the face for everyday use. This is because a moisturiser that is too thick can give you pimples.

Should you exfoliate?

Often you will find that men?s products are sold in threes: cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturiser; to be used in that order. They will sometimes be given different names, but the idea remains the same. Exfoliation is contentious and some believe that it may cause more harm than good. Regardless, you effectively exfoliate the lower half of your face every day when you shave. If you are going to exfoliate, stick to the areas of your face that do not get shaved.

Keep healthy

Having a healthy diet is so important for maintaining good skin. Keeping hydrated is essential. Make sure you drink plenty of water. Keep in mind you also get water from your food, so do not panic if you miss that target of two litres per day. Fruit and vegetables contain quite a bit of water, as well as plenty of other nutrients that are good for your skin. Limit your intake of alcohol, as this dehydrates you, leaving you looking and feeling sunken. An unhealthy diet will inevitably take its toll on your skin. The best way to get healthy looking skin is from the inside out.

Protect yourself from the sun

Sun damage ages your skin prematurely. Prevention is better than cure. It is best to limit your exposure to the sun, rather than shell out for expensive lotions and potions that claim to cure wrinkles. Of course, such products are rarely tested so you have no idea if they actually work.

Getting a little bit of sunlight is good for you, but do not overdo it. If you are going to be outside for a long time, use sunscreen. You may even want to wear a daily sunscreen. This is especially important if you are light skinned, but all skin colors can get sun damaged. Do not think that you do not need to moderate your exposure to sunlight just because you are too dark to burn.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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