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Must-Read: Beginners Guide To Velocity Based Training

power training

The majority of dedicated lifters are used to the Percent-Based Training (PBT) approach and are familiar with the term 1RM (one repetition max). In theory, there isn’t much wrong with it – you measure your 1RM and use these results to determine what you need to do to reach a certain goal. However, over at Breaking Muscle, they argue this workout regime could actually be flawed.

They offer up a more accurate way to get the most out of your body – VBT. This method uses velocity as the feedback tool to determine your weight training on a day-to-day basis. In addition, it helps dictate how much load you should be adding or removing for each set, or if you should move on to a new exercise altogether. Check out this short extract explaining some of science behind it:


If I throw a baseball, because it’s a relatively light object, I don’t have to generate a lot of force to release it out of my hand and project it into the air. This means the velocity will be quite high. In contrast, if I were to perform a heavy deadlift, I’d have to generate lots of force to lift the weight. This would likely result in lower velocities than when compared to throwing and running.

How To Regulate Training Loads Using Velocity Feedback

Using velocity to regulate loads isn’t a new concept. Many professional and collegiate strength coaches have been doing this for years. Why? Because it’s a form of autoregulation. Meaning instead of sticking to a prescribed rep and set scheme for an entire month or more of training, coaches adjust loads, reps, and sets on a daily basis. This form of autoregulation helps coaches target specific qualities and decrease the chances that their athletes will overtrain.

Make sure to head over to the post and learn about a different way of approaching your training. Using a tool such as velocity can help target specific area, encourage faster progression and remove the perils of overtraining.



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