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8 Things You Should Never Say To Yourself About Food

Our attitude to food can sometimes be doing more damage to ourselves than we realize ? ending up with us becoming our own worst enemies. This therefore, begs the question, do we need to re-evaluate our perception on food?

For example, let?s say you ate a pizza and a generous slice of cake the night before. This shouldn?t force you into starving yourself for the rest of the week. The odd ?cheat day? won?t change your overall appearance or health. Over at Huffington Post, they have an interesting article?which can help you deal with your inner demons. Here?s a small extract taken from the post, which uses quotes from trusted nutritional experts:

1. ?I was so bad today.?

Do not allow judgment or morality slip into your eating lexicon. Guilt and deprivation are two of the most powerful emotional?triggers for overeating, says Michelle May, a physician and founder of the “Am I Hungry?” mindful eating programs. This mindset leads to what she calls the “eat-repent-repeat cycle” that keeps people trapped in endless yo-yo dieting. “Eat for both nourishment and enjoyment,” she says.

2. ?I deserve this.?

You always deserve to eat as a human being and have permission to eat anything you want, says registered dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield, a District of Columbia-based health and happiness expert. “Savoring a sweet after a not-so-sweet day once in a while is normal,” she says. “However, watch out if you’re frequently using food as a way to reward yourself or numb your painful feelings.

“Negative emotions are beneficial because they tell you there’s a problem that needs your attention,” Stritchfield continues. “Food won’t solve your problems and ‘reward eating’ can often lead to a vicious cycle of shame, blame and dieting.”

Remember, you?re much better off eating mindfully for the next few days rather than being extreme in your views of food. If not, you run the risk of over-eating, restricting your ability to exercise and affecting your quality of sleep.?Make sure to check out the article and discover how you can stay in control of your eating habits.

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