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The 3 Biggest Health Benefits Of Sleep

Getting a quality night?s sleep is vitally important for our bodies. Even an extra hour in bed can be the difference in affecting your mood, weight or sex life. Sleep is when our body heals, recharges and restores itself. If you?re getting less than the recommended seven or eight hours of shut-eye a night, here?s three health benefits you could be missing out on right now:

1. Better Weight Control

A good night?s sleep may not result in losing weight, but it can stop you from putting on unwanted pounds. Why? Part of the problem is to do with behaviour. If you?re tired, you?ll be less likely to go for a jog or cook a healthy meal because of a lack of energy. The other half is physiological, with the hormone leptin playing a key role in making you feel full. Therefore, for those people who don?t get enough sleep end up feeling hungrier due to their levels of leptin dropping.

2. Improves Your Sex Life

Steady, quality sleep keeps testosterone levels high, reduces the chances of erectile dysfunction and ensures you?re never too exhausted for sex. Research shows that men who get less than six hours of sleep at night have lower testosterone levels, which has a direct link with sex drive.

3. Boosts Your Mood

Try and think back to the last time you got a really good night?s sleep ? you probably woke up feeling bright, optimistic and full of drive to complete multiple tasks throughout the day. Well, not enough kip can have the opposite effect. You?re more likely to be cranky and irritable, making you vulnerable to other negative emotions.

All of these issues may prevent you from getting to sleep the?following night, so you become trapped in a vicious circle of sleeplessness and bad mood. The solution: Get yourself into bed at a decent hour and let your body properly recharge itself.




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