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10 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Mentally strong people have healthy habits which they’ve reinforced over time. They keep their thoughts, emotions and behaviors in check, allowing them to become successful. If you?re striving to reach this level in your personal or professional life, then check out these 10 things that mentally strong people don?t do down below so you too can become mentally strong:

1. They Don?t Mope Around Feeling Sorry For Themselves

Mentally strong people recover quickly from setbacks and actually become more determined when faced with adversity. In addition, they take responsibility in their life and understand life is not always fair.

2.?They Don?t Think In All-or-Nothing Terms

Some of us can be guilty of seeing things as black or white when, in reality, there are a number of possible outcomes. Maybe you look at each project as good or bad, or categorize a co-worker into either good or bad. Recognizing that there could be a grey area is key to becoming more mentally strong in life.

3. They Don?t Run From Change

Instead, mentally strong people welcome positive change and look to adapt. They understand that change is inevitable and believe in their abilities to become flexible.

4. They Don?t Get Swept Into Catastrophizing

In certain scenarios, we can find ourselves believing that things are much worse than they actually are. For example, thinking we might go bankrupt after falling short on a financial target, or thinking we won?t have enough money to retire on when there?s no evidence to support this. It can be easy to get swept into this ? but you must remain level-headed. When you feel yourself predicting doom and gloom, take a time out to remind yourself of other possible outcomes.

5. They Don?t Put Labels On Objects

Labeling someone or something often places them into unfair categories. Realizing a friend made an isolated mistake rather than labeling them ?an idiot? broadens your mind to other opinions. Notice when you try and categorize things and work on avoiding putting mental labels on everything.

6. They Don?t Worry About Pleasing Everyone

Sometimes in life you need to stand up and speak out, regardless if you think people will not agree with you. Mentally strong people are forthright and fair with their opinions, but also know how to deal with other people being upset if they didn’t make them happy.

7. They Don?t Resent Other People?s Success

Making unfair comparisons to other people can ruin our motivation. Looking at someone and wishing you could have achieved that isn?t helpful, especially considering if that person had a lucky break along the way. Mentally strong people learn to accept and appreciate someone else?s success, and don?t feel cheated when others outshine them. Rather than trying to measure up against people, focus on your own path to success and commit to it.

8. They Don?t Fear Alone Time

You should not be afraid of sitting in silence or spending some time alone ? this downtime can be used to be productive. Mentally strong people enjoy their own company and aren’t solely dependent on others for entertainment and companionship. Instead, they can be just as happy alone.

9. They Don?t Expect Immediate Results

Whether they?re on a new diet or trying to get a new business venture off the ground, mentally strong people know that patience is key. Rather than get frustrated and give up, they maximize their skills and abilities to the task at hand, realizing that in the long-term hard work always pays off.

10. They Don?t Try And Mind-Read

We can never be certain at what someone else is thinking. Yet, we all occasionally think that we can predict what?s going on in someone else?s mind. Thinking things like ?That girl in the office must think I?m weird? or ?He must have known I messed up in the meeting? are all presumptions, not reality. Remind yourself that you may not be making accurate guesses at other people?s thoughts.



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