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9 Ways To Boost Your Sex Drive NATURALLY?

Today I want to talk?to you about one of the biggest HIDDEN CAUSES of low sex drive and erectile difficulty in men today?

Low Testosterone.

It?s estimated to affect 1 in 4 American men?and that number climbs higher the older you get.

Due to so many factors in our environment over the past 30 or 40 years?things like toxic chemicals in plastics, for example?

It is a fact that the average 60 year old American male today has LOWER TESTOSTERONE than a 60 year old man of thirty years ago.

And testosterone, as you probably know?Is the hormone responsible for making you ?manly!?

And when it?s low?It lowers your libido, gives you erection difficulty, fatigue, weight gain?Even depression!

However, you might never know that you suffer from low testosterone?

You may think your low energy, low libido, and difficulty getting or maintaining erections is just a normal part of getting older?

And unless your ?T? levels are in the ABNORMALLY LOW range, you can?t get a prescription for the drugs that might boost it.

Yet many men in the ?low normal? range suffer from many of these symptoms?Especially in their sex lives, due to low libido and weak erections.

But the truth is, you don?t have to accept feeling like less of a man anymore?

There IS something you can do about it?

And get back the healthy, INTENSE sex life you deserve?

WITHOUT using prescription drugs or illegal, unsafe steroids.

So here you are?


1. Lose Weight

Overweight men are much more likely to have low testosterone levels to begin with. Simply shedding excess pounds is proven to be one of the BEST ways to get your ?T? levels ramping back up!

2. High Intensity Exercise

Short, super intense exercise sessions have been shown to increase your T levels and to prevent them from going back down. In comparison, exercises like aerobics or other moderate intensity exercises seem to have no effect?.Or even the OPPOSITE effect on your T levels.

In addition, intermittent fasting (2 days a week) works in combination with this type of exercise to really drive up production of your manly hormones.

3. Consume Lots of Zinc

This mineral is extremely important for testosterone production, and research has shown that restricting dietary sources of zinc can significantly decrease your ?T? levels. Taking a zinc supplement can help?But even better is eating foods naturally rich in this mineral, such as raw milk, beans, yogurt, and kefir.

4. Weight Training

This is one of the BEST natural ways to make your testosterone skyrocket?And with it, your sex life! When strength training for a ?T? boost, the key is to increase the weight and lower your number of reps. You can also ?turbo-charge? your workout by moving SLOWER?.When you do this, you turn it into a high-intensity exercise?Which is #2 on this list, so you?ll be doubling the impact on your ?T? levels!

5. Get More Sun

Yep?It turns out, Vitamin D (which you absorb through your skin from sunlight) is a steroid hormone, and getting more of it can help increase your testosterone levels. It can also help raise your sperm count and even make for thicker loads! Who knew that getting a tan could be so great for your sex life?

However, sunscreen can actually block Vitamin D from absorbing into your body. To avoid skin damage from the sun, be careful and don?t overdo it outside!

6. Reduce Stress

When you?re under a lot of stress, your body starts to release the hormone cortisol. And this ?stress hormone? actually BLOCKS testosterone form working in your body! Some things I do to relax when I?m getting stressed out are: Yoga, meditation, a loooong bath?.And, of course, LOTS of sex (And masturbation, too!) =)

If you?re having trouble with low libido, of course, you just might not be in the mood for sex. There are some great natural herbs that are proven to help jump start your sex drive?.I?m finding some great research on these, and I?ll have more info on that for you soon!

That way, you can start having more sex?.Lowering your stress levels and RAISING your ?T? levels?So you can have MORE GREAT SEX!! =)

7. Limit or Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet

Your ?T? levels actually go DOWN after you eat sugar, because sugar raises your insulin level and that is a big factor in low testosterone (If you suffer form diabetes, you?re VERY likely to have lower ?T? levels as well)?So you?ll not only want to cut out most sweets or sugary sodas, but make sure you check the amount of sugar in your loaf of bread, too!

LOTS of processed foods these days come LOADED with TONS of extra sugar?.Which is exactly why I try to eat only whole, organic foods whenever possible.

And cutting out that sugar is one way to help you LOSE WEIGHT?As you get slimmer and fitter, you?re DEFINITELY going to start feeling sexier and more confident?.You?ll also notice your erections getting stronger, too!

8. Eat Healthy Fats

So?Did you know there are different types of fats? The ones you want to avoid are called Trans fats, which are found in lots of processed foods like doughnuts, microwave popcorn, potato chips, and candy bars?and which raise your bad cholesterol levels.

The ones you DO want to eat are mono- and polyunsaturated fats?Good sources of these are avocados (yum!) and nuts (also YUM!).

But for testosterone building, you also need to get lots of SATURATED FATS. Research has shown that a diet with less than 40% of energy as fat (and of those, mainly saturated fats from animal sources like meat, eggs, dairy) can lead to a decrease in ?T? levels.

So go ahead?Eat that steak! Of course, be sure to check with your doctor or nutritionist if you have high cholesterol or heart problems?

9. Stop Using Plastic Water Bottles

As I mentioned in a previous email?Water bottles and other common plastics contain a chemical called BPA, which is basically a form of estrogen. It can leach into your water or food, and when it?s in your body, can raise your estrogen levels and lower your testosterone.

So you definitely want to avoid anything that contains BPAs?.I refuse to use water bottles anymore, and you NEVER want to drink from a water bottle that?s been heated by the sun. Also, avoid microwaving things in plastic containers?This causes your food to soak up the BPAs like crazy!

The linings of food cans also contain BPAs?So try to eat fresh, healthy foods, and you?ll avoid your exposure to these Testosterone-sapping chemicals.

OK, well?There you go?

9 easy ways to raise you testosterone naturally?

And in the process, get your libido back to where it needs to be so you can start enjoying the wild, crazy sex life you SHOULD be having!

Remember, women are INSTINCTIVELY ATTRACTED to men with higher testosterone levels?

So not only will YOU feel like having more sex?And have the virility and strong erections you need to even BEGIN to satisfy a woman?

But the woman in your life will suddenly start feeling more attracted to you than ever?She won?t be able to keep her hands off you, because you?ll be emitting more of those ?manly? pheromones!

And if you?re single?you?ll notice more women looking your way, and even approaching you?

Your confidence is going to go off the charts! =)

And then you?ll be ready for some more of my advanced sexual techniques and positions?

Oh, speaking of which, I?ve got something REALLY special planned for you in the next couple of days?Some super advanced tips that will teach you how to perform in bed like a sexual superstar, taught to you by some of the SEXIEST young women in adult films! =)

So stay tuned!




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