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How To Feel More Energized Right Now



There’s nothing much worse than sitting at your desk at work and feeling as if your eyelids are about to glue shut. Too many of us are relying on energy drinks and coffee to get us through the working day instead of using natural methods. There are even people out there who get eight hours of sleep a night and still wake up exhausted.

If this is you right now then don’t despair, the good news is that you can still do something about it. Over at the Daily Express, they have a post which has some useful ways which will help put the spring back in your step. All of them are natural methods and are easy to follow:

1. You’ve Got Mail

Check emails and social media first thing in the morning then leave them alone until lunchtime, says psychologist Graham Jones. “We spend up to half our working day trawling through our inbox, which leaves us tired, frustrated and unproductive,” he warns.

2. Plant Life

Scientists at Washington State University found people who worked with a house plant in their line of vision could concentrate more and carry out tasks 12 per cent faster. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and other environmental pollutants that can trigger fatigue, and help you to feel more positive and energised.

3. Take a Hike

You might not feel like it but, according to a study by The California State University, taking a 10-minute brisk walk made people feel more energetic than eating a chocolate bar. Simply getting more oxygen pumping around your body helps you feel more alert.

Make sure to check out the article and read up on all 20 of these interesting tips Remember, a couple of small changes in your life can make you feel significantly more energized and alert than ever before.

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Matt Lawson is a UK based sports journalist who covers all the latest football (soccer) news and matches for the Press Association. A keen Newcastle United fan, Matt is usually found either watching or playing the beautiful game.

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