How To Avoid The Slippery Slope From Boredom To Binge Eating

It can be easy to slip into bad habits when we haven?t got much going on in our lives ? whether it?s because we?ve booked some holiday off work or are bed bound by injury. Binge eating becomes a subconscious act which manifests itself quickly once you start.

The first step you need to take is to identify the problem. Keep a food diary and note down everything you eat, who you are with and how you?re feeling. This way, you can analyze what you?re eating, devise a plan and find other activities to keep your mind occupied.

This is where we?cross over to Breaking Muscle, which has some great tips?on how you can understand and then deal with your cravings:


There is another kind of boredom. This is known as?anhedonia.?Anhedonia is the inability to experience pleasure from activities that usually give pleasure.

?I have seen this in clients and myself when it comes to overtraining. Exercise is an enjoyable activity, but when we have pushed it too far it becomes a burden and we no longer feel like doing it.

Pleasure Is About Survival

We will always seek out behaviors that cause us pleasure. It is how we have survived for millions of years.?We eat food, dopamine is released, we feel good, and we do it again.

When we are bored, we are lacking the pleasure we need at a subconscious level. This can lead us to binge on junk food. What we need to do is find ways to increase our pleasure response that do not include eating junk.

Remember, challenging your brain to new activities every day helps keep it sharp and raises dopamine levels. Why not try meditation too ? it can decrease our heart disease risk, poor mood and food cravings. Head over to the article now and learn how to pinpoint the cause of your binges.



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