How to wear military style

Arm yourself with one of the biggest trends of 2015, and get conscripted into military style. Military-inspired menswear is currently on the up. You may have noticed that clothing boutiques suddenly renewed their supplies of army inspired clothing. Military is one of those trends that never really goes away, seeming to be on a two-year cycle. Now is one of those times when it is being embraced with a new enthusiasm. Because it comes into fashion so regularly, any pieces you purchase for this trend will be wearable for years to come. Quality is essential ?for military inspired clothing, as it can tread the line of being tacky? and juvenile if done poorly.

The pea coat

The best military inspired menswear investment you can make is in a pea coat. Every man needs a good coat that he can wear when the need arises, and a perfectly tailored pea coat is ideal. A double-breasted, thick woollen pea coat gives you regal military style, without making you look like a weird war enthusiast. Be careful in selecting pants to go with your pea coat; anything too structured will make you look as if you are wearing a uniform instead of a fashion statement.


Shades of green pay homage to the military trend without being too overbearing. Go for deep greens such as olive and . Of course, you do not want to assemble a whole outfit out of , or you really will look like an out of place soldier. Pair a cardigan or jacket with black jeans for a look that is on-trend, but that you won?t look back on and cringe. You could even go for subtle touches in , such as by replacing the buttons on a jacket with deep green fabric buttons.

Combat boots

Look tough in a pair of black combat boots. You will want something subtle rather than a monstrosity with too many buckles. Avoid the functional variety of combat boots, which you will often find in activewear stores. Your combat boots should have a sleeker style than the real thing. Black or brown leather combat boots that lace up will give you the most sophisticated look. Combat boots go well with jeans or chinos, and can easily become your daily go-to shoe.

Ditch the camouflage

Your department store of choice may have released a range of camouflage-printed menswear. This does not give you licence to wear it. Camouflage prints are favored by young children, and you will look like you are dressing too young whether camouflage is in fashion or not. The worst mistake you can make is wearing camouflage print shoes. Some prominent brands have recently released camouflage shoes, which despite the label, look like they came from a cheap and nasty activewear store. I strongly recommend skipping over anything resembling camouflage, in favor of a more mature and refined look.

Similarly, cargo pants are never stylish, despite whatever is on display. Cargo pants, with all of their pockets, are unflattering and usually worn by small children and men who are completely clueless about fashion.

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