How To Get Through A Tough Workout

There?s not many better feelings than pushing yourself through that final rep or set, especially if you end up smashing a personal best. However we all have those moments when, just minutes into your workout, we have the horrible thought of ?I don?t want to do this anymore?. It?s at that moment you have a choice ? do you quit? Or do you push through the fatigue?

There are many reasons why you should embrace this sort of mental challenge and over at Men?s Fitness, they have a great post on the science behind it. A few of these mental tweaks can make a huge difference to your workouts:

1. Don?t Fear Failure

If you are scared to fail, you?ll never push yourself out of your comfort zone, and if you never push yourself out of your comfort zone, you?ll never grow. Prepare yourself for the task at hand so that there is less of a chance that you?ll fail in the first place. Don?t just tell yourself that you?ll succeed, but actually show yourself that you?ll succeed by completing a few gruelling workouts that closely mimic your event.

2. Form And Technique Matter

?In the new world of extreme athletic challenges, we are intending to push ourselves to physical limits well beyond our normal comfort zones,? says personal trainer Kevin Jack, who is also one of the Carolina Bay Area?s top obstacle racers. Not only does maintaining good form help with injury prevention, but it also enhances performance.

Pushing through your workouts is great for mental strength and will help lessen doubts you may have about your commitment to exercise and health. Check out the article above and discover how you can stay strong throughout your session.


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