Should you dye your beard?

Despite speculation that 2014 was the year of peak , men are still sporting luscious face locks in 2015. To keep things fresh, dying has become a serious option to enliven your facial hair.

Covering your greys

The most appropriate use of hair dye on your is to cover up grey hairs. You may have thought that grey or white hair interspersed with your facial hair was something you had to accept, but you can actually restore your greying to the glory of its younger days with a quick application of dye. Make sure to match the color of the dye to your natural color. You can purchase dyeing kits, but it is not necessary. Regular hair dye will do the trick. I recommend buying your hair dye from the women?s section. There is a far greater range of shades, so you are bound to find a perfect match for your color.

Dyeing your darker

Men with light facial hair can benefit from tinting their facial hair to a darker color. This is also a good option if your head hair and are completely different colors. Adding a darker color to your facial hair will help it appear thicker and fuller, which is especially useful if your looks more like a teenager?s first sprouts rather than a manly forest of hair. Do not go too dark, or it will be obvious that your is dyed. Black dye is not a good option, even if your head hair is quite dark. A warm brown will give a much more flattering look.

Skip the bright colors

It used to be somewhat shameful to have reddish facial hair, but now some men are achieving the look artificially by adding bright red to their s. Other colors which only belong on clothes include blue, green, and purple. Dye should enhance your looks, rather than be the most noticeable part of your appearance. There may be a trend towards adding bright colors to your facial hair, but that does not mean you should do it.

It only works with long s

Unfortunately for those favoring a short and neat , you need to have a decent length of facial hair for dyeing to be a practical option. You should avoid getting the dye directly on your skin, which is impossible if the hair is too short. Furthermore, as facial hair grows rapidly, dyeing your requires plenty of maintenance. Short stubble is not worth dyeing, as it will grow out in a matter of days. With a longer , the regrowth in your natural color will be much less noticeable. At a minimum, you will need to touch up the regrowth every few weeks. Using a semi-permanent dye rather than permanent is best, as it will gradually wash out, meaning that there will not be a bold line where your regrowth begins.

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