Must have accessories in 2015

Keep yourself fashionable with the small touches. These accessories are all you need to put your most stylish foot forward in 2015.

Bright shoes

It will never be time to retire your trusty black leather shoes, however, it is time to add to your footwear repertoire. Bright, eye-catching shoes are a leading trend of 2015. Go for classic styles in unexpected colors. Bright blue brogues are a good choice, as ocean inspired shades are extremely popular at the moment. A line needs to be drawn at patterned shoes. Spots or floral patterns, fashionable as they may be, do not belong on your shoes.

Funky ties

A throwback to the 80s, patterned ties have come back into fashion. You will see stores beginning to carry ties with weird shapes and funky, even psychedelic, patterns. Make your tie even bolder by using a large and elaborate knot, rather than your standard half-Windsor knot. Enjoy the trend towards quirky ties while it lasts; as it is unlikely to endure until next year. Funky ties are quite a fun trend which is best suited to events such as parties; a formal event still calls for a classic tie. You would not want to be that guy who ruins someone?s wedding photos by wearing an orange swirly tie.


Keep your head both toasty and fashionable in a knitted beanie. Choose an understated design. A navy blue or grey beanie, preferably with no logo, is a classy choice. Avoid black beanies if you have a fair complexion, as it may be too harsh a look. The beauty of beanies is that they are versatile enough to go with different styles of dressing. Whether your sense of style is hipster, street, or preppie, a beanie will refresh your outfit. Just beware that you will have hat hair when you take it off.

Statement scarves

Long and chunky scarves are the perfect finishing touch to your look. Be fashion-forward with a thick scarf draped around your neck, with long sides hanging down. Understated block colors, such as navy, are a safe choice for your statement scarf. Or, for something more attention-grabbing, go for a pattern. Indulge the current trend towards stripes or floral prints with your scarf. Statement scarves work best with a long coat, for cold weather dressing. Combine it with a beanie if you want to be extra fashionable.


Have a cheeky floral flash at your ankle with a pair of patterned . Note that you want to avoid patterned when you are wearing shorts. It is best for when you are wearing pants with a pair of Oxfords on your feet. When you stand tall, nobody will see your . The effort you have made to have fashionable ankles will only be seen when you are in motion, such as when you bend your knees. A pair of floral is also a relatively understated way of embracing the trend towards floral prints, if you are still building up to wearing a floral shirt.


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