How to Dress Yourself Confident

Confidence in yourself is a matter of faking it until you make it. A thoughtfully constructed outfit can make you appear more self-assured, even if you do not feel it yet.

A structured jacket

Men lacking confidence often have poor posture. Stand up straight, and you will find you instantly look and feel more secure in yourself. Correcting your posture takes dedication and time. Discourage yourself from hunching over by wearing a tailored jacket. A suit jacket is perfect for this purpose. You will automatically push your shoulders back and chest out. A jacket with shoulder pads will also give you larger and straighter shoulders.

Increase your height

Vertically challenged? Increase your height and your confidence painlessly with a pair of shoes that makes you taller. Before you have visions of yourself prancing around in stiletto heels, let me assure you that men?s height-increasing shoes go to great lengths to hide their heels. Also known as elevator shoes, they hide the majority of the extra height inside the shoe. You can add on about three inches without anybody noticing that they are located in your shoes. Go to a specialist store, where they will have a large range of elevator shoes to suit any tastes. You can even get casual shoes, in the style of Converse, with a height increase.

Shave every day

A large component of confidence is in taking care of yourself. Respect your body by ensuring you do basic grooming every single day. Brushing your teeth and combing your hair make a huge difference to how you look and feel. Make the time to keep your facial hair in check. Shaving every day will mean you never look dishevelled. You may want to invest in a razor which leaves you several millimetres of growth, so you look mature but well-groomed.

Dress warmly

Think about how your body positions itself when you are cold. You cross your arms, drawing your limbs inward. Now, think about your body language when you are nervous or uncomfortable. It is more or less the same. By keeping yourself warm, you are less likely to pull your arms and legs inwards. Dress in layers so you can add or remove as required. This will help you appear more relaxed and in control.

Know your nervous habits

You do particular actions when you are feeling nervous. Possible nervous habits include fiddling with zips or jewelry, chewing on jacket drawstrings, and checking the time too much. Be aware if you do any of these actions, and dress so that you do not get the opportunity. Simple clothes will offer few fiddling opportunities. You may want to avoid wearing a particular item you are guilty of playing with, at least until you break that habit. Wearing a stunning watch does not have quite the same effect when you are checking the time and wriggling it around constantly; skip wearing it until you can trust yourself to leave it alone.

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