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6 Powerful Benefits of Eccentric Training

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We’ve all heard that slow and controlled reps are the best way to lift so your muscles can fully feel the effects. Beginners can benefit from this. However, if you’re already a gym junkie then this training method will do nothing for you.

Instead of allowing yourself to slip into a plateau, shake up your workout and continue to maximize gains. Over at Breaking Muscle, there’s an interesting post which highlights the powerful benefits eccentric training can have on your physique. If you’re a keen sportsman then you’ll want to check this out – eccentrics is a great method to drastically improve strength and power:

1. Greater Muscle Damage

This is why bodybuilders tend to take advantage of slow, grinding reps with moderate weights. It tears their muscles apart and the hope is they will repair and grow even further.

The difference is you are going to use heavy weight and you’re not going to grind out the concentric portion of the lift. In fact, more often than not the concentric portion will be easier than the heavy eccentric.

2. You Use Less Energy

Heavier weight uses less energy? That’s nonsense. Again, there is beauty in training eccentric portions of the lift. Most of your energy is used when you’re pushing or lifting a weight. This becomes useful because you are going to be able to do more work, which means your body will improve, your strength will improve, your size will improve, and your power will improve.

Avoid using this training all year round. Incorporate it into your program gradually to encourage slow increases in your strength. Although you use less energy during eccentrics, you’re still doing a huge amount of damage to your muscle fibers. If performed correctly, you should become faster and stronger in no time.




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About Matt Lawson Matt Lawson is a UK based sports journalist who covers all the latest football (soccer) news and matches for the Press Association. A keen Newcastle United fan, Matt is usually found either watching or playing the beautiful game.

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