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Does Everything Really Cause Cancer? The Answer May Surprise You!

“Everything causes cancer.” This is something I have heard countless times in recent years. This article will be about looking into that claim.

According to, 43% of men will develop cancer at some point in their lives. (women is 38%).

These numbers are staggering. More than 1 in 3 men will develop some kind of cancer in their lifetimes, and this rate is increasing.

So what does this mean? Does everything really cause cancer nowadays? Let’s take a look.

This article will focus primarily on nutrition, although I doubt cell phone frequencies, pollution, high-stress environments, drugs, tobacco, anxiety, mental disorders, ect. are the greatest for our health.

The Reality Is That A Large Number Of Foods Cause Cancer

The list of carcinogenic foods are very high, so I will not be naming them. However, it is important to note that these are not false claims meant to scare you. We are simply living in a very artificial world where we no longer live “naturally,” whatever that may mean.

Processed foods make up a majority of the Western diet, as they are packed with harmful preservatives. Our livestock are living in their own feces, eating corn and other unhealthy food, rather than a natural grass-based diet.

They develop diseases and are thus pumped with antibiotics, which ultimately gets consumed by us, causing us to be immune to the antibiotics when we need them most. (Animals consume substantially more antibiotics than humans).

This is not to mention all the hormones pumped into animals to make them bigger and fatter quickly. To really get a good idea of the food industry, I highly recommend “Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead,” and “Fast Food Nation.”

This leads me to fast food, where the process that goes into these products causes a slow death, whether it is obesity, heart disease, cancer, etc.

Regardless of the source of food, a Mcdonald’s meal of a Big Mac, large fries, and a large coke, is upwards of 1300 calories. That is almost a full day’s caloric intake in one meal. And it’s really cheap!

The fast food industry is so vast, complex, and impactful, but on a very basic level, fast food is very, very, very bad for your health. And yes, Subway, Chick-fil-a, Paradise Bakery, etc., are all fast food.

Before I get into the positive changes that can be made to improve your health, I want any of you reading this to realize that it is not your fault. We are presented with thousands of advertisements a day for different products.

Whether it enters our brains unconsciously or consciously, marketers use backed-up scientific research to cause certain behaviors. There is a whole market of food scientists whose sole purpose is to find ways to create food addictions.

As human beings, we are designed to love sugar, fat, and salt. Normally, these foods ensure survival. In our present world, they tend to do the opposite.

When looking at the nutrition labels?of almost all processed foods, there are high amounts of salt, fat, and/or sugar.

This is not to mention government intervention. The most subsidized foods are corn, soy, and commercial dairy/meat farms. This makes dairy and processed foods the cheapest foods to consume.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and Organic animal products are not subsidized. Thus, the most unhealthy foods are the cheapest, and the healthiest foods are the most expensive.

So what is the solution?

There can really only be one solution to this situation.

To be more conscious of our choices!

There are ways to be healthy in our current society:

1. Eat more whole, raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans.

To my knowledge, there are no studies linking these foods to cancer. You may run into the issue of pesticides being used, which leads me to my next point:

2. Try and consume Organic when possible.

Although more expensive, it may be worth it in the long run. If Organic is just out of your budget, try to consume foods with a peel. For example, mangoes, bananas, citrus, ect. have a naturaly protective barrier against pesticides.

However, foods such as blueberries, kale, spinach, strawberries, broccoli, and grapes, are best bought Organic because they lack a protective barrier. Again, if Organic is not possible, it is advisable to really scrub them before consuming, and there are some good fruit and vegetable washes that can help you do the job.

3. Buy Better Meat.

If you are an omnivore, it is highly advisable to avoid industrialized, mass-produced meat. The best option is wild game, but that is not available to most people. The next reasonable option is to consume grass-fed, wild-caught, free-range, cage-free, hormone-free products.

A healthier animal produces healthier food.

For example, the omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid ratio is substantially better in grass-fed beef versus corn-fed beef.?The cow’s diet turns?the meat from an unhealthy inflammatory food to a healthy anti-inflammatory food.

4. Avoid Processed Foods

Let us be honest here. Most of us, at some level, consume processed foods. The goal is to limit these foods as much as possible. Avoid the aisles at supermarkets as much as possible. The more whole, raw, and less altered from its natural state, the better.?

5. Stay Active.

It is amazing how many negative health aspects can be reversed with simple exercise. Get out there and break a sweat. This is something you will not regret.

I will leave it with that for now, but some other things to look into are our soaps, deoderants, shampoos, and fragrances. The results may surprise you.

What is great, however, is that there is almost always a healthier, albeit more expensive, counterpart to almost every unhealthy product on the market.

Be more conscious. Read some articles. Take control of your health. Be the healthy outcast. Be part of the 57% who do not get cancer.

And as one of my favorite philosophers states: “It is no measure of health to be well-adapted to a profoundly sick society.”

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About Danny Maman My name is Danny Maman. I have a real passion for health and fitness and enjoy having a life that revolves around this. I have my bachelor's degree in exercise science with a minor in allied health. I am also a certified personal trainer with ACE and am a former college basketball player.

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