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10 Habits That Will Help You Love Working Out


For some of us, exercising on a regular basis isn’t something which comes naturally. Trying to stay motivated and focused on our diet feels like an uphill battle every day. Then just make it that little bit worse, we have those friends or colleagues at work who are obsessed with working out. They go for a quick run at lunchtime or head straight to the gym after a full working day at the office.

This therefore begs the question: Can we transform ourselves into fitness fanatics? Well, experts believe you can and over at Huffington Post, they have an article which can help you embrace your workouts instead of dreading them:

1. They Only Do Workouts They Enjoy

People who love to exercise don’t waste time with activities they despise. Start with an activity that you’re interested in or already enjoy — it doesn’t have to be what your neighbor said helped her lose weight or what the group-class trend of the moment is. What matters is that you like it.

2. They Get Back To Nature

When the weather outside is nasty, it’s natural to want to take exercise inside. But if it’s nice and bright out, bike along that lakefront path, run through your neighborhood early in the morning, or find an outdoor yoga class.

3. They Don’t Care If It’s “Traditional”

Exercise is exercise — doesn’t matter if it’s at the gym or not. All types of activity count, so try baking your playtime into your workout time by becoming a member of the company kickball team, joining a beach volleyball league, or trying something you’re curious about, like martial arts.

Make sure to check out this post so you can discover how to love working out. Exercise has this unrivaled ability of helping other parts of life fall into place at the same time. Without health, what else is there? Taking time to invest in it is something which you will never regret.



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About Matt Lawson Matt Lawson is a UK based sports journalist who covers all the latest football (soccer) news and matches for the Press Association. A keen Newcastle United fan, Matt is usually found either watching or playing the beautiful game.

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