Rogue Rules: The Ultimate Number-Close System

Here?s the scenario: You hit ?The Scene? and you spot a jaw-droppingly gorgeous woman sipping a Cosmopolitan on the opposite end of the bar?

And because you follow my Rogue Rules, you scored her number.

Pleased with your ?conquest? you pat yourself on the back, thinking This one?s in the bag!

Au contraire, mon frere!

It takes a lot more than merely scoring the number to get her to meet up with you… even more so to get her diving between your sheets!

Don?t fret just yet, nascent Rogueling… I?ve got you covered!

With the scene set, let?s blast into this week?s question, shall we?

Armin A. from Hollywood, CA wrote in with this humdinger:

?I met this girl and things seemed great when we were together. She was flirting with me big time and was constantly moving in close to me. I got her number, but every time I call or text, she never responds. How do I get her to respond??

First off, good work securing a number. That?s fantastic…

? But now I gotta drop the bomb…

Rogue Rule #29: ?You can?t fuck a phone number!?

I hear all this jibber-jabber in the seduction scene about Number Close-this, Kiss Close-that, and even over-the-pants HJ close-whatnot?

Honestly, none of that means doodley-squat to me.


Rogue Rule #1: ?The only close that matters is the F-close!?

(Ok, I?ll give you half a brownie point for the ?over-the-pants HJ close? because you were on the right track… but it ends there!)

Mind you, I?m not saying you shouldn?t collect phone numbers when a woman?s logistics aren?t optimal. If you wanna maximize your results, you should always be moving for the quick escape to a private location where sex can realistically occur. Period.

? But women give their numbers out all the time!

Sometimes they give it out just to blow you off…

Most guys will leave tickled pink they got a sweet, blessed phone number… not realizing she was just getting rid of you with a fake number or by saving YOUR number as ?Do Not Answer This Schmuck?s Call!?

Sometimes a girl?s just drunk and forgot she gave you her number?

More importantly, she has no idea who the fuck?s calling her, so she sends you to voicemail and ignores your barrage of texts…

Rogue Rule #395: ?She must recognize the call or she won?t answer at all?

Sometimes she?s out for a wild night with the girls and wakes up the next morning realizing Holy shit was last night fun, that guy was awesome, but I?m married/have a boyfriend/hooked up with other dude, etc.! Better block that number before the shit hits the fan…


Look, it could be any number of reasons she doesn?t respond and you may never be privy as to why…

…But a budding Rogueling like yourself need not fear.

You?re about to be armed to the hilt to deal with such inconsequential minutiae, because?

Rogue Rule #9: ?Cast thy options like thy net to capture the best options yet.?

Having covered the infinitely uncertain and myriad reasons she may or may not respond to your messages, let?s get down to brass tacks and dispense with a number close? THE ONLY NUMBER CLOSE? that?s even worth a Chinese nickel?

Want numbers as rock-solid as your boner receiving Sasha Grey?s ?patented ?throat fuck treatment??

I thought you might, so here?s your ?Phone Close for the Bone Close? but pay close attention, because these instructions get a little tricky…

Step 1: Get to the contact entry screen and hand her your phone. You often needn?t say a word and she?ll just start entering it in.

If not, a quick ?You know what to do, right?? should suffice.

(See last week?s installment of Rogue Rules: How To Hook The Girl Every Time for elaboration on reaching the hook point)

But your job ain?t done yet, Bucky.

Step 2: Remember Rogue Rule #395 above. It?s now YOUR responsibility to get YOURSELF saved into her contacts…


By having her call herself on your phone… because this is where the REAL magic happens.

I want you to coach her on exactly how to answer when you call her.

Tell her this is her line: ?Oh my god, is this Nick? I was just thinking about you. ?When are we going to go out!??

But one pass through isn?t enough… make her repeat it 2 or 3 times?

…Then call her phone to practice answering as rehearsed!.

Silly? Yup.

Does it work? You better believe it!

Step 3: Ok, so your number?s now in her phone, but the contact information has no personality attached to it.

Let?s remedy that. With a devilish smirk on your face, grab her phone and save your number under the title of ?The Man Of My Dreams,? ?My Future Ex-BF,? or ?This Friday?s Hot Date.?

And voila, even your contact information now has more personality than a 7 course meal!

Think she won?t answer a call or text with that much personality and fun experience attached to it?

Of course she will!

Optional Step: Give this one a shot if you wanna employ every trick in the book… to ?bottom deal Aces? to yourself for that extra edge…

You?re gonna give her your phone and coach her on what to say when she leaves herself a voicemail.

?I think I may have met the man of my dreams tonight. It might be a bit early to tell but I know one thing, I can?t wait to meet up with this charming rogue again. Make sure when he calls, you pick up immediately!?

With this in her cell, she?ll go through her messages, hear HERSELF, and will remember with absolute certainty the guy who KNEW how to get a solid number and pulled no stops at getting it.

THAT?S a solid number close, the charm and finesse of which even Lord Byron would be proud. (if he had access to cell phones, you?re damn skippy he?d be doing something like this!).

Your battle to get her to meet up (and mattress down) is not yet over, but you?re now well ahead of the curve with a number close like this.

Perhaps if I get enough comments requesting my very best text game secrets, my arm can be twisted into revealing them in an upcoming installment of Rogue Rules? voice your opinion below or forever hold your piece (heh) on that licentious topic. 😉

Coming up next week? How to find women that are DTF in under 5 minutes!

Get Some!

Nick Rogue
Your Personal Seduction Mentor

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