What Women Really Think About Nice Guys

All?women want a nice guy, right? ?Or so we’ve been told, or so all women say, anyway… ?If you’ve ever been rejected for being a nice guy, then you know how frustrating it is to hear yet another woman ask why she just can’t find one of us. ?As if we’re all hiding somewhere in a distant, far-away land with?the unicorns, rainbows, trolls, and pots of gold. ?Why can’t she see the nice guy standing in front of her? ?Let’s answer this question, because it bothered me for years, and I’m glad now to have the answer.

In the last few years I’ve gone from being the nice guy who finishes last with women, to being the nice guy who finishes first with women. ?Let’s just say there’s a big distinction, and big difference between finishing first and finishing last. ?And more recently, I asked on Twitter why nice guys finish last, and one of the responses from a woman was so baffling, so true, so real, so raw, that I knew I had to tell you.

What Women Really Think About Nice Guys

Haha. ?Well. ?For starters, there is the nice guy in front of her, right? ?I mean, you’re standing right there, is she blind? ?It would seem so at first, but that’s just being mean to her and doesn’t even make any sense, if we think about it. ?So what gives? ?Because I will tell you one thing, dude…

Women are dying for a nice guy…to dominate them in the bedroom of life.

Are You A Quality Guy?

And by quality guy, what I mean is a guy who calls her back, cares about her, empathizes with her, and meets all of her four basic needs as a human being seeking out other human contact in a relationship.

As a recap, those four basic needs are for you to stimulate her:

  • Mentally
  • Emotionally
  • Physically
  • Spiritually

Chances are you’re perfect at calling her back, caring about her, and empathizing with her, so keep that up. ?However, if you’re so nice that you are unable to stimulate her in those four categories, then I’m sorry dude. ?No dice for ya. ?The problem is that nice guys who finish last are just flat out too afraid to stimulate a woman in those four core areas. ?Thinking that they might offend her. ?No, dude. ?Not meeting her needs is offending her.

And in fact, it’s so bad that if a woman were to tell you who aren’t able to meet these needs, the answer will surprise you. ?I’m not the kind of guy to hide anything from you, which is why I’m glad you’re here. ?I won’t just tell you, I’ll show you.

Here is what on woman Twitter said when I asked why nice guys finish last:


The Difference Between Finishing Last And Finishing First With Women

The difference between finishing last and finishing first with women has nothing to do with being an asshole or being a jerk. ?Not even the slightest bit with being aloof or being mysterious (though those things do help a lot). ?The biggest difference? ?What she said on Twitter.

“Because we can walk all over them! ;)”

I think that answers it. ?Wouldn’t you say?

Women “like” assholes, because they can’t walk all over them. ?They, however, do not like assholes in reality, because they do not?call her back, do not care about her, do not empathize with her, and do not meet all of her four basic needs.

Make sense? ?You look more handsome, already.

So What Do I Do Kevin?

It’s so easy, dude. ?Next time a girl tries to test your might Mortal Kombat style, just make sure you do not at any point allow her to walk all over you (like you have been). ?You heard the lady from Twitter! ?Be dominant. ?She’s dying for you to do so, so that she can stop complaining to her friends (and to you), about why she just can’t find a nice guy…who dominates her in the bedroom of life.

Here is another TSB article related to the subject:?https://www.tsbmag.com/2017/11/10/how-to-avoid-the-nice-guy-trap/

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About Kevin Alexander Kevin Alexander is a no-nonsense dating expert and coach based in Edmonton, Canada. He works mostly with shy, introverted nice guys who are tired of finishing last with women, and are ready to start finishing first with women. He is the founder of Nice Guy Dating, which features products, services, and a blog entailing dating details from his own life and from the lives of others. Find him at http://niceguydating.ca, email at niceguydatingcoach@gmail.com, and follow him at @niceguydating.

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