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10 Stress-Relief Strategies When You Have Five Minutes or Less

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Stress is a cretin that weasels its way into our lives, usually every day to some extent, and wreaks havoc on our minds and bodies. It has its uses, of course, but on the whole much of the stress we succumb to these days is unwarranted and unnecessary. no wonder then that there’s been more and more techniques popping up that are designed to help fend it off. Yoga and meditation are some, but the list is much longer than that.

While most of us will happy say that we’d like to rid ourselves of stress, the roadblock — and often the reason for the stress in the first place, is that we lead very busy lives. We rush about, trying to stick to schedules and run through to-do lists, stopping to take care of the stress that builds up is just another item to put on the list, and that isn’t the right way to think about it.

Well, fortunately there are some small, simple, and no-planning-needed actions we can do to help relieve us of that pesky stress stained stream of thought.

Change your passwords. This technique is a form of priming – creating cues in your environment to prompt you to act in a certain way. I recently read about a guy who used this specific password technique to process his anger after his divorce. He changed his password to [email protected], and it worked. His next password was [email protected], and it helped him quite smoking. Think about how many times you enter a password during your day. Make that password something that is going to help you create the environment you want.

Talk about turning the table on an often mundane and overlooked action. I struggle to remember all my passwords, using this tip might help in two regards. Check out the full Huffington Post article for the other ways you can reduce stress in only a couple of minutes.

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