Are Yeezy Boosts worth the hype?

There is no denying that Kanye West is one of the world?s biggest fashion icons for men. The rapper is known for his outlandish style and love of high-end brands. Regardless of whether you appreciate his music, Kanye drips with style and confidence. You can now buy a piece of Kanye with the newly released Yeezy Boost sneakers, but if you did manage to snag a pair straight from Adidas you will pay dearly.

Yeezy Boost versus Air Yeezy

Let?s get one thing straight. You may be thinking that Yeezy Boost sneakers are not new at all. You swear you heard of them years ago. No, you?re not imagining things. Kanye previously collaborated with Nike to release Air Yeezy, with the first edition available as early as 2009. The second edition, Air Yeezy II, was released in 2012. The popular shoes sold out instantly, and can now be purchased for thousands of dollars. This should indicate to you that shoes bearing Kanye?s name are incredibly high value.

The current Yeezy Boost sneakers are a collaboration with Nike?s direct competitor Adidas. The Yeezy Boosts have a strikingly similar design to the Air Yeezy, except without the iconic Nike tick. Both are a slim hi-top design with laces and a thick Velcro strap. However, the Yeezy Boosts are more minimalist than the detail-oriented Air Yeezy. Made from stone grey colored suede, the Boosts do not sport the garish colors of the Air Yeezy.

The new Boost releases

The first iteration of the Yeezy Boosts, also known as the Yeezy 750 Boosts, was released in February. Your chance of getting a pair of the original Yeezy Boosts is long gone. However, a second release of the 750s has just occurred. Also keep an eye out for the upcoming low-top design, which Kanye himself was already sporting back in February. No doubt there will be further designs released from the Kanye/Adidas collaboration, but you will need to be quick on your feet to snare a pair of the much-hyped sneakers.

Beware of insanely cheap pairs of Yeezy Boosts on the eBay. You can buy knock-offs of the famous shoes, but the quality is so terrible that it will be obvious that you are wearing fakes. If you cannot afford the real thing, you may want to choose a different design from Adidas, Nike or similar that does not have an inflated price due to the celebrity factor.

Don?t put them on your feet

My verdict on the Yeezy Boosts is that wearing them is a complete waste, unless you are a celebrity who happened to have a pair of the shoes fall into your lap. Yeezy Boosts are selling for highly inflated prices on eBay. If you are willing to pay two thousand dollars for a pair of sneakers, you should be displaying it as a work of art rather than walking around in them. However, if you are fortunate enough to secure a pair of Yeezy Boosts directly from Adidas at their original value of $350, then why not wear them? They are a well-made and stylish casual shoe. Unlike other sneakers, they are not overly chunky, so they look incredible with a pair of tight jeans.

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