The Top 7 Foods for Growing Your Muscles


By this point, most men understand that certain foods are more capable of helping you to build muscle bulk than others. It?s a widely cited fact that protein is essential for developing bulk, and when you?re working out, it?s important to remember that the stress of lifting weights damages your muscle fibers.

This damage gradually forces a special process for repair that forces individual cells of muscle to grow bigger, which requires a lot of amino acids ? some of the essential building blocks for life.

Of course, the process of building muscle requires much more than stocking up on protein. Weightlifting also burns through energy in the form of glycogen in the muscles, meaning that your diet will also need to include a significant serving of carbs to replenish your glycogen stores and boost insulin, the hormone that helps transport amino acids to muscles. So which food are actually the best at building bulk?

7 Foods for Growing Your Muscles

1. Fish

When it comes to developing muscles, really blows other food types out of the water. For example, salmon is a powerhouse for protein, yielding about 25grams for every 100gram serving. However, that?s not all, each bite is crammed with so many different and healthy nutrients that you?d be insane not to try it. Salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats that are amazing for improving heart health. On top of that, it?s also an excellent source of vitamin D.


It?s unlikely to be the first food idea you came up with when you were planning out your bulking diet, but most professional bodybuilders actually pile cottage cheese into their top foods for building muscle. It?s not difficult to understand why if you take the time to read the label of a low-fat tub. Just half a cup of fat-free cottage cheese comes with an amazing 14 grams of protein, alongside only 80 calories, and less than two grams of fat.

3. Eggs

Easy to prepare, delicious and versatile to eat ? are key component of any male who?s got muscles on the mind. Every egg you eat comes loaded with approximately five or six grams of protein, and at the low cost of only 60 calories. However, it?s not just the protein content that makes special ? it?s the type of protein that you?re getting access to. Egg protein is considered to be one of the most utilizable proteins available, with the highest value, biologically, of any whole food. This means that the protein you derive from is efficiently used for growing muscles.


Ever since you were a young boy, the chances are that your parents reminded you just how important milk was to a strong, and healthy body. However, even as an adult, it?s worth remembering that milk can be important. As an animal food, it provides a large portion of your essential amino acids with very little fat content. What makes milk even better, is that it mixes perfectly with whey protein.


are a plant-based food that is surprisingly full of protein. Just a quarter of a cup of almonds contains approximately eight grams of protein, which is two grams more than a typical egg. These delicious treats are also a great source of magnesium and monounsaturated fats, making them excellent for your heart. Magnesium is known to be used in protein synthesis and energy metabolism within the body.


They may not be terribly well known as a food for building muscle, but oysters are actually a secret specialty of many bodybuilders and weightlifters. About one hundred grams of oysters that have been cooked will yield about 20 grams of protein, for the cost of only 5 grams fat. also offer far more zinc than any other food, a mineral that is essential to the process of protein synthesis.

7. Ground Beef

Red meats, just like , are a marvelous source of protein. Just 100 grams of can contain more than 27 grams of protein. However, the same serving will contain 200+ calories, and 11 grams of fat. Still, beef contains a wide variety of minerals and vitamins, and it?s teeming with zinc, iron and B12, all of which are essential for muscle development and growth.

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