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How to end a conversation when you’re interested in her

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When talking to a girl you like, ending the exchange is the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, you need to learn how to end a conversation, and how to do it well. You want to end your conversation at the right time to keep her intrigued. Here we are not looking at timing when to end the conversation, but rather what to say at the time. It is very easy to end a conversation with someone you never plan on speaking to again, because it does not matter to you if you caused offence in ending the conversation. You probably have a lot more practice at opening conversations- and even that is tricky at times. Ending conversations is formulaic and a matter of practice making perfect.

Think of it as pausing

Rather than ending the exchange, you are merely pausing it. You will pick up a conversation with her at a later date. Your mindset is important here: if you think exiting a conversation as a big deal, you are creating an obstacle for yourself. Once you have convinced yourself that it is merely a pause, you need to convey this to her. This is easy to do, and so important. Simply tell her that you will talk to her later, and give her an indication of when. For example, at a party you might tell her that you need to say hi to some friends, and add that you would love to continue your chat later on.

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Be polite

You may not be a polite person by nature, but it is crucial to be polite at the conclusion of a conversation or she may think you are not interested, or even that you dislike her. Do not make the end of your conversation a joke, as it may not be received as one. Keep in mind that she is going to remember the last thing you said to her. Making an impression as a polite and socially intelligent person is part of your goal here. It may seem trite, but do not be afraid to tell her that it was lovely to talk to her, or that you really enjoyed talking to her, or some other incarnation of this idea. She will be flattered and will think of you as a warm and expressive person.

Don’t make up an excuse

By all means give a legitimate excuse to end the conversation, if you have one. There is nothing wrong with telling her that you would love to talk more, but you are running late for an appointment (this is also a good opportunity to get her number if you haven’t already). In the event that you have no excuse for ending the conversation, do not make one up. You may think you are an excellent liar, but this may not be the case. Don’t run the risk of her realising your blatant lie, and thinking you are not interested.

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