10 Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee Everyday

Despite what some health experts might be telling you, is actually really good for our bodies. In fact,?several studies have shown that drinkers are at a much lesser risk to several serious diseases. Here, we bring to you 10 scientifically proven reasons why you should be having a cup everyday:

1. It?s A Great Source Of Healthy Antioxidants


Coffee has more antioxidant activity than green tea and cocoa ? two antioxidant heavyweights. This chemical fights inflammation and can combat the effects of arthritis and many cancers. In addition, an important antioxidant called chlorogenic acid is almost exclusively found in , which is thought to help prevent cardiovascular disease.

2. It Can Help You Burn Fat

Did you know that caffeine is in almost every mainstream fat burning supplement? This is because it has been proven to increase metabolic rate by between 3-11%. Other studies have also shown that can increase the burning of fat by as much as 10% in obese people?and 29% in lean individuals.

3. It Can Make You A Better Athlete

Due to the high levels of caffeine, stimulates the nervous system which causes it to send signals that break down body fat. In addition, caffeine increases the number of fatty acids in the bloodstream, allowing athletes to burn those fats for fuel. This therefore saves the body?s reserve of carbohydrates for later on.

4. It Lowers Your Risk of Type 2

According to studies, drinkers have a 25-50% lower risk of getting this disease. With around 300 million people worldwide suffering from type 2 diabetes, just one cup a day can lower your chances by seven percent.

5.?It Can Make You More Intelligent

Not only does work when you?re feeling sleep deprived, it can also make your mind sharper and more efficient. Things like your reaction time, attention and logical reasoning ? all of which are complex functions ? can improve, therefore increasing your intelligence.

6. It Helps To Protect The Liver

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The liver is a crucial part of our body which filters blood, detoxifies chemicals and makes protein needed for blood clotting. Several diseases affect this organ including fatty liver disease and hepatitis, which lead to a condition to cirrhosis. Studies suggest that can lower the risk of developing cirrhosis up to a whopping 80%.

7. It Can Fight Depression And Make You Happier

Research at the National Institute of Health discovered that people who drank four or more cups of were 10% less likely to feel depressed. Apparently it?s not down to the ?caffeine high? ? with scientists believing it?s because of those trusty antioxidants.

8. It Could Prevent Parkinson?s Disease


Parkinson?s disease is just behind Alzheimer?s in terms of the most common neurodegenerative disease. There is no known cure at this present time, which makes prevention a big issue. Studies show that drinkers can lower their risk?from between 32-60%.

9. It Can Help You Live Longer

Given that helps starve off several diseases, it would make sense that it also increases life expectancy. In two large studies, men who drank were at a 20% lower risk of death whilst women were at 26%, over a period between 18-24 years. This effect also appears particularly strong in type 2 diabetes, with diabetics at a 30% lower risk of death.

10. It Can Lower The Risk Of Heart Disease And Stroke

Despite some popular beliefs, drinking does not cause heart disease, with studies actually suggesting that it can have the opposite effect. Whilst it may cause a mild increase of blood pressure, this usually diminishes over time. Coffee drinkers also have a 20% reduced risk of stroke, according to certain scientific research.

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