You Need to Make the Time to Meditate

You know meditation is good, perhaps you’ve even given it a go once or twice, but you’re busy, on the go, and fitting meditation consistently into your day just isn’t realistic. Time is a scarce resource, most of it filled with money centered functions like work, and when we start sacrificing even our sleep for those other ‘more important’ things, how can we be expected to find time for meditation?

Your health is taking a back seat to your wealth, which if you ask me, is a little backwards. We shouldn’t be thinking of how we can fit in meditation among everything else, our health and wellbeing should be first and foremost, with those other things needing to find the time. The people who are successfully meditating and leading prosperous lives don’t try to put in meditation wherever they have a spare 10 minutes in their schedules, no, they have meditation their first, for as long as they want, and at whatever time they want.

Do you put your work life first and your health second? Huffington Post have a small guide on why meditation needs to be the first thing in your daily planner, and some tips for making it work, such as waking up earlier:

Wake up before the kids do. Find a spot where you can be alone (a closet? a corner of an extra bedroom or home office? how about a corner of the dining room?), set a timer, and give yourself the amount of time that’s right for you.

Don’t think of waking up earlier as a punishment, because it’s not! You don’t have to wake up earlier; you get to wake up earlier to experience the quiet start of a new day. You’re blessed that you now have a moment to feel the calm energy of your home around you. Did you ever imagine that you would have this gift of time to appreciate the miracles in the world, like hearing birds sing or seeing dew resting softly on the grass?

It’s time to scrap the excuses and get into the right type of habit, meditation isn’t a chore, it’s not something you should only do when you have spare time, and it should never be something you do in a rush or feel annoyed about because you have better things to do. Meditation should come first, your time should center around your well being, then you can make work fit around that. Read the rest of the article for some more tips.


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