Five ways to fill an awkward silence

What Should You Do When There is a Pause in Conversation?

It is inevitable that there will be gaps in your conversation, especially if you get nervous talking to a woman you are interested in. You need to have some tricks up your sleeve to stop an awkward silence from killing your rapport.

Have topics prepared

You should have a number of interesting topics in your head for conversational purposes. This is especially important if conversation does not come naturally to you. There are plenty of in-depth articles on preparing topics that you should take a look at. The basic template for a good topic is; it should be unusual so it sets you apart from other men that she talks to, it should encourage her to open up to you in order to build connection, and sets you in a good light.

Return to a previous topic

Catch the silence as it is about to occur, and revisit a topic you were discussing earlier in the conversation. This is also a prime opportunity to ask her questions about herself. You can even pick up a mundane topic from earlier if you are really stuck. For example, if she previously mentioned that she worked on the weekend, you could ask if she is saving for anything special, which can easily lead into a conversation about aspirations. You can also ask about other things you know about her, from previous conversations. This shows you are paying attention to her and remember simple things about her life.

Ask her opinion on something

Ask her what she thinks about a contentious topic. This relies on you to gauge what kind of topic will be interesting to her. Depending on her personality, you could ask what she thinks of a current political situation, a recent celebrity baby name that is undeniably awful, or a new health fad. You need to have a decent working knowledge of current affairs and pop culture to leverage this one. Make sure you know the details of the situation before you ask her opinion. For example, you could ask if she heard about a politician?s recent high-profile gaffe, and if she has not heard of it but seems interesting, you will have to explain it. She will feel flattered that you want to know her opinion, and if it is a topic she can get fired up about, she will enjoy explaining her point of view (unless you have a huge disagreement; try not to get too caught up in the topic yourself).

Comment on her jewelry

Take the pause in conversation to talk about something she is wearing. Jewelry is an obvious one. Ask her if there is a story behind a piece she is wearing. If you want to ramp up your flirting, you could try touching the piece of jewelry as you ask about it.

Eye gazing

A silence can make you feel disconnected. An interruption in the flow of the conversation generally makes you feel like you aren?t clicking with the other person. Change the dynamic by converting the awkward silence into a meaningful one. Make eye contact, holding it for a few seconds. This can create a moment in which you feel a connection.


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