Improve Performance With This Quick 4 Stage Health Assessment

How To Improve Performance Using Health Assessment

The first step we tend to take when we?re looking to turn around our sedentary lifestyle is to devise a diet plan. Eating the right things and getting plenty of nutrients on board are both key to becoming an overall healthier person. In a day and age where obesity is a growing issue,?it?s time that we begin to take control of our weight.

However, there also other parts of our lives that can affect both our weight and health. This is where we cross over to a post at Breaking Muscle, which has identified these four major areas:

1. Sleep

This is arguably the most important area to fix first. One night of sleep deprivation can alter our hormones and increase our caloric intake by up to 600 calories without us even realising it.

2. Stress Management

Many times in my practice, people say that exercise is their stress management. Exercise is important to help us recover from stress, but it is also a stressor itself.?To balance this, we need to actively take part in activities that reduce our stress levels.

3. Vitamin D

Most of us have probably heard that vitamin D helps prevent osteoporosis, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.?New research also suggests that vitamin D may play a vital role in how much food we eat.

4. Social Relationships

This is the last area, but certainly not the least important to our health and well-being. A meta-analysis looking at social relationships and overall mortality concluded by stating that?social relationships are as important as other lifestyle choices, such as smoking. So, it?s vital to our health to spend time with family and friends.

So there you have it, the four quick health assessments you should take in order to improve your performance ? sleep, stress management, vitamin D and social relationships. Keeping these under control will significantly lower your chances of overeating and going off the rails.

Make sure to fix your weakest links and pay attention to how you perform afterwards. It should lead to an overall fitter, healthier and stronger you.

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