Summer accessories every man should own

Complete your summer outfit with laidback leather bracelets.

How Can You Style Your Hot Weather Outfits?

Complementing your outfit with accessories is easy in the cooler months. Throw on a beanie and a statement scarf, and your outfit is complete. Winter lends itself to so many useful accessories that it is easy to forget how to add a little extra to your outfit as the mercury rises. These summer staples should help you put together more thoughtful hot weather outfits.


A stylish pair of sunglasses is the most obvious and most essential summer accessory. I?m not talking about that pair of wraparounds you picked up from a corner store when it was too sunny once. Wayfarers and aviators, both from Ray-Ban, are my pick for a timeless choice. For a look that is not too harsh, you could choose a pair with a tortoiseshell rim. The mottled shades of brown particularly suit pale guys. For those with a darker skin tone, you can play up the contrast with white frames.

Waterproof watch

A statement watch is a functional accessory that adds sophistication to your outfit. A sleek band and simple watch face is best for summer; the slimline style will not add too much bulk to your wrist if you are wearing a short-sleeved shirt. Of course, you will want a waterproof watch, so you can wear it out and about including trips to the beach or pool.

Beach towel

Unless you are planning on a miserable summer, you will want to hit the beach at some point. You do not want to be that guy who lays on the sand on a tattered and faded bath towel. Sort this out before you go to grab a beach towel on your way out, and find that you do not have one. A towel with a nautical feel would make a fashionable beach towel that won?t embarrass you.

Woven leather jewelry

Bracelets and necklaces made out of woven leather are the perfect bohemian inspired accessory for your summer. Best of all, you can obtain woven leather jewelry in a multitude of colors. You may want to select two or three shades to wear together for a fashion-forward aesthetic.

Canvas belt

Ditch the proper leather belt and embrace a more laidback look with a canvas belt. Plain colors and repetitive patterns are perfect, but avoid anything too eye-catching. A leather belt can often look too formal for a pair of shorts, whereas canvas has a more relaxed and fun feel.


A rugged pair of sandals is not as stylish as a pair of closed-toe shoes, but they are the lesser of two evils. Flip flops are a blight on humanity?s collective foot. You would be well advised to avoid them, regardless of how comfortable and convenient they may be. A pair of sandals is only a little less convenient, and is far more sophisticated. Beware of discount department store style sandals, which are essentially bigger versions of children?s sandals. Something from a dedicated men?s shoe store is more likely to be age appropriate.

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