How To Prime Your Body For A Bigger Squat

How To Squat More Weight

The squat requires great strength and technique throughout in order to be performed correctly. Experienced squatters have developed tremendous strength from head to toe, with their quads, hamstrings and glutes all working in sync with one another.

This total body workout is largely recognized as the ?king of all exercises? due to its importance in gaining strength and building muscle. That?s why it?s vital we continue to push our bodies to lift more in order to optimize performance in the gym.

If you?re searching for a way to prepare your body for a bigger squat, then we’ve found the perfect article over at Breaking Muscle. Check out this priming strategy you can do anywhere and at any time:

1. Isometric Grooving Primer

GP involves practicing the isometrics of a lift throughout the day to prime the body for physical activity. In the back squat, the name of the game is force production.

Without increasing force production, it?s going to be hard to get your ass out of the hole at the base of that squat. So if we want to increase our squat, we certainly need to practice squatting heavy, but we also need to ready the body in other areas.

2. Stabilisation Primers

This is done by mobilizing joints that need to be mobile, while stabilizing joints that should be stable. Mobile joints such as the hips and ankles must be able to move throughout a full range of motion, but they should also be able to stabilize during movement.

Especially if that movement involves us fighting against a significant external load, e.g. being under a squat bar.

Using these small strategies can ensure your body is primed for performance and in turn make you an all-round better athlete. All of the best squatters out there ensure their bodies are in the perfect state before lifting, so why shouldn’t you as well? The results speak for themselves.



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