3 Simple Stretches To Combat Muscle Stiffness At Work

Stretches To Combat Muscle Stiffness At Work

The office culture of modern society is wrecking havoc with our bodies. Take the hamstrings for example, everyday they?re being shortened due to our knees and hips being bent for hours on end. In sitting and in some cases standing, the shortening of the hamstrings can cause hunchback, place stress on the back muscles and create general soreness.

This ultimately leads to other problems. As the hips tighten, so do the legs, lower back, shoulders, neck, and so on. That’s why it?s important we take a break and stretch off every so often. We know you may not have a load of space to work with, but these three moves over at Huffington Post can be done discreetly whilst or near your desk:

1. Standing Figure Four

While standing, cross one ankle over the opposite knee — let’s start with the right ankle over the left knee. Bend your standing (left) knee as well, take your right hand and rest it on your upper thigh and lightly push your right leg away from your torso.

2. ?Cat/Cow In Chair Pose

Come to a standing squat, bend your knees deeply, rest your hands on your upper thighs, and lightly round and arch from your low spine. You can also keep your back long, and shift your weight from one foot to the next.

3. Bridge From Your Chair

From your chair (errrr… the kind that doesn’t roll away from you), take your hands to the handles, lift your hips and pelvis, and take a short and light backbend. You can even do slight dips and work your triceps. Energize yourself!

Make sure you take care of your muscles and posture with these simple moves. Yes, you may look a bit weird doing them in front of your colleagues, but in the long-term you?ll get the last laugh when you?re reaping the benefits of having awesome movement.

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