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How to Stop Food Cravings For Good

 stop food cravingsCut Down On Those Annoying Cravings

Eating is cool, but being hungry for random snacks all day is not that fun. Here are some ways to successfully cut down your food cravings so that you can cut the calories or just cut down the severity of your ongoing pizza cravings.

Play a Video Game

stop food cravings

This is not a trick. Some research published in the journal Obesity found that people who played video games as opposed to watched something download had significantly lower levels of food cravings. Okay so maybe it’s not video games per se as much as the brain just not be mind numbingly bored, but go with it.

Drink Water

stop food cravings

Not the most thrilling option, but a lot of the hunger that we feel actually comes from being thirsty. We just get the signals a little confused. Try keeping a water bottle with you during the day and see if you reach for less snacks. It’s also just something to do to keep your mouth busy in case you snack out of boredom.

Chew Gum

stop food cravings

Chewing gum can increase afternoon energy levels (which in itself might be able to help reduce cravings), but it also reduces snack cravings when you chew it after lunch. Less eating, fresher breath. Just be sure to keep it sugar free if you have a habit of chewing through an entire pack at once.

Get Up and Do Something Else

stop food cravings

Sometimes all you need to do to kill a craving is to take a slight change in scenery. You don’t have to get all dramatic with this, but literally returning a phone call or walking around your office might be enough to distract yourself.

Pretend You’re Eating

stop food cravings

While you’re trying to put the image of a cheeseburger and fries out of your head, some research is suggestion that you should leave it right there. Some people report a decrease in their cravings after they go through a whole daydream about eating the darn thing. Like once your brain really thinks about it it’s over it, or something. Go ahead and dip that mental fry in ketchup.


stop food cravings

Food cravings can spike when you’re not getting enough sleep due to the changes in your hormone levels, so if you’ve got a craving that just won’t quit you can always call a timeout and take a nap. Sometimes just being tired is mistaken for hunger, just like the thirst thing.

Don’t Skimp on Your Protein and Fiber

stop food cravings

If your cravings won’t quit you just might not be eating the right things. Protein and fiber are both relatively low in calories but take the body longer to digest than things like simple carbohydrates, so eating them at every meal will help keep you feeling fuller longer and cut down on hunger inducing sugar crashes.

Tap Your Forehead

stop food cravings

When you can’t get a thought of food out of your head, try simply tapping it away. Not sure why this works, but some researchers presented a study at the Obesity Society Annual Meeting claiming that 30 seconds of forehead tapping can reduce cravings. Maybe try this one out in the privacy of your home.



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