These 3 Personas Kill Attraction In Women

What kind of a guy do girls want?

It feels like an age-old and sometimes, almost unanswerable question.

Why is it that some guys are able to meet and pick up girls so easily, when some guys can?t seem to even get a phone number most of the time?

The truth is, it?s sometimes easier to list what not to do, or rather, how not to be.

If you?re one of the guys on this list, odds?are that you’re killing your chances with women.


The Boy Next Door.

Ever hear the old saying that nice guys finish last?

The male version of the girl next door, might be the protagonist who always gets the girls in movies, but in real life, you just across as too nice, too polite and too uninteresting to create attraction in women.

Sure you?re a ?good guy? and in actuality, probably truly good boyfriend material, but you?re making it too apparent.

Girls like guys who are confident without being cocky, but certainly not overly modest or meek.

The problem is that you?re afraid to make the nature of your relationship sexual with a girl.

You?re too scared to escalate beyond the initial rapport phase.

The remedies? Start to use some R rated language and lose the fear of a girl walking away.

Establish the attraction and build sexual tension.

Oh, and you don?t have to completely turn around and be mean, but generally speaking, girls like guys that are about a 6 or 7 out of 10 on the jerk scale.

Start standing up for yourself and speaking your mind. But in a funny, playful way.


The Last Man On Earth.

Women wouldn?t sleep with you if you were the last man on earth and the procreation of the species depended on it.

And you know who put that idea in their heads? You did.

You?re too down on yourself and you lack self-confidence. You look, act and preach about how unattractive you are to women, actively fighting against the theory of pre-selection.

Women want to get with guys who they assume are desirable.

So much of being ?desirable? is how you act, how you feel and how you carry yourself.

The first fix is to just start believing in yourself, and acknowledging that there are many qualities about you that all women find attractive.

Better yet, there are tons of attractive women out there who are looking for a guy just like you, and some of your unique qualities will drive the crazy with attraction.

But you need to open that door and invite them in by holding your head high and having confidence in yourself.

Some ways to build that confidence?

Become ambitious about your life goals. Take pride in your work, and strive to better and better.

If you?re not pursuing what you feel is your true calling in life? Do it.

Not only will you be happier, but women will flock to you.

Even if you?re a starving artist living in a crappy studio apartment, women will be magnetized by your sheer passion.

Next, remember that the mantra of ?look-good-feel-good? really does hold true.

You don?t need to break the bank, but get a new haircut, start exercising and build yourself a mature new wardrobe.

Project confidence.


The Horn-Dog.

The polar opposite of the last two personas.

Simply put, you?ve gone too far.

You look like a walking cologne add and when you go out to ?hit on chicks?, you?re practically humping their legs.

All you talk about is sex- even though you’re not getting any, and you’re constantly being overly aggressive when flirting with girls.

The problem is that you?re coming off as just horny rather than sexy.

And even with all of your flashy clothes and sexually aggressive attitude, women just see you as an overinflated balloon.

Shiny, but plastic and fragile? and substances on the inside.

To them, you?re clearly faking it. You don?t seem sincere- and for that reason you actually come across as desperate.

Some might even brand you as a ?douche?.

Women see this put on as just as insecure as The Last Man On Earth sitting in the corner by himself.

You need to find the middle ground.

Real confidence is felt not seen.

If you have to tell people what you are, you are absolutely not that thing.

The remedy? Lose the all the gold chains, satin shirts and stop bathing in your cologne.

Start seeing women as real people that you can have real interactions with instead of just objects to pursue.

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