3 Ways to Instantly Turn a Woman Off and Kill Any Attraction She Felt

How to LOSE a Girl in 10 Days or Less

Sometimes guys over think “game.” We are all guilty.

We try to make it into something much more complex than it is.? But in reality, sometimes a minimalistic approach works best. This simply means:? DON’T SCREW IT UP

Over the years I’ve watched plenty of guys who have never read “The Game” score high quality chicks. But they usually screw it up pretty quickly.

This is because sometimes (especially if you’re meeting a girl within your social circle) she WANTS to give a guy the benefit of the doubt. She wants to WANT him.

But he doesn’t let her.

There are three basic “rules” you want to keep in mind once you’ve scored a bit of attraction from a woman, or even as you’re attempting to attract her.? These three rules will prevent you from screwing things up.

Three Ways Guys Blow It with Women

1.? Compliance Reduces Attraction

Women want men who are leaders.? They want men who are in control of the situation. They don’t want a man that they feel they can dominate or tame.

When a man scores a woman he is attracted to, he usually goes into “don’t blow it mode” which usually has the exact opposite effect. He tries so hard not to blow it? that he blows it.

When she starts talking about her ex boyfriend for an hour, instead of cutting her off and taking back control of the conversation he allows her to lead it in the direction she wants. When she spends twenty minutes texting one of her friends during a date, instead of calling her out on her rudeness he sits there passively waiting for her to bring her attention back to him.

A woman does not want a man she knows she can walk all over.

2.? Neediness, Clinginess, Possessiveness

Even the most “alpha” men have a habit of turning into a clingy little pansy when he finds himself with a girl he believes is “out of his league.” These men become so insecure that the woman is going leave them that they actually scare her away with their neediness.

Women don’t want needy men.

They don?t want a man who constantly calls them.? They don’t want a man who admits his feelings too soon.? And they don’t want to have to worry that you’re going to turn into some possessive stalker type.

3.? Pleaser Behavior

This is something that guys just don’t seem to understand.

When you’re overly complimenting her, or buying her drinks, or offering to do her favors, she KNOWS the real reason. She knows you want something from her. And there is something damn repulsive about someone who is “sneaky” about what they are after.

Yes, the more you try to “please” a woman, the more likely you are to scare her away.

The Anecdote for this Behavior

The thing with this behavior is that it is universally “ugly.” This means as guys we find this just as unattractive as woman do. We don’t want needy, clingy, or possessive women. We don’t want women that ALWAYS agree with us. And we don’t want women who try to win our affection by baking us cookies, or buying us things, or trying too hard to please us.

So here is a quick mental shift:

Imagine yourself getting the attention you’re giving. If you’re about to send a girl a message on Facebook , write it out fully, and read it pretending that she just sent the same message to you.

What would you think?

The same can be said about text messages (especially if you are drinking). Send the message to yourself.? Have the experience of opening up your phone and reading the message as if she sent it to you.

What would you think?

What would you think if a woman you hardly knew kept complimenting you?? Or offering to buy you things?? Or getting jealous that you were hanging out with your friends?

Try it. And you’ll be a whole lot less likely to blow it.

Here is another article related to the subject:?https://www.tsbmag.com/2017/12/01/the-3-personality-types-that-turn-women-off/

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