5 Things Lifters Shouldn’t Be Worrying About

5 Things Lifters Shouldn?t Be Worrying About

How To Stop Over-Analyzing A Training Program

Whether you?re an avid weightlifter or just starting out, some of us can be guilty of over-thinking our training program. Instead of getting stuck into the routine, they find ourselves analyzing every workout and movement. These type of people are brilliant at solving problems and using their intellect, but when it comes applying it to sport, it can be a hindrance. They end up second-guessing their body which ultimately affects performance.

If you?re one of these people, then it?s time you stopped worrying about the minor details so you can focus on the decisions that?matter. Here, we link you to an article over at?Breaking Muscle which answers the top five worries of most lifters:

1. What Program You Are Doing

To see if a program works for you, you have to do the program. You can?t assess it from the sidelines. And you have to stick with it for a reasonable period of time to be able to draw any decent conclusions.

It doesn’t matter who else is or isn’t getting results from the program.?If you?re not getting results, then no matter how good the program is, it?s no good for you.

2. What Your 1RM Max Lift Is

Even if your sport is reliant on max lifts at competition, this doesn’t mean you need to keep checking to see where you?re at on a week-to-week basis.?And if your sport isn’t dependant on max lifts, then there?s definitely nothing to worry about. Your game-day performance is what matters.

You can spend all day deliberating over the benefits of a certain routine, but nothing beats just doing it.?Each of the points above may take some tweaking so you can find out what works best for you. No amount of reading can give you the perfect answer ? the only way is to get out there and try it for yourself.




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