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These 5 Chocolate Products will Actually Improve Your Health

Most of the time, dietary options come under one of two distinct categories, the first being things that we love to eat, and the second being the things that are actually good for us. Fortunately, increasing scientific evidence has begun to suggest that the guilty pleasure of consuming chocolate could actually be better for us than we originally thought.

One of the primary reasons why people enjoy eating chocolate so much is that it activates a poignant chemical in our brain that simulates the same reaction many of us experience when falling in love. Another reason why we crave it so much is that our bodies are constantly looking for ways to top up their supply of magnesium?a mineral that helps to reduce the amount of stress we experience. However, it’s not just the taste and reactions that make chocolate such a fantastic and salient snack.

What’s more, a delicious cup of hot cocoa every morning before you take off to work could actually help to keep you smart. A recent study in hypertension found that elderly study participants who drank cocoa rich in flavonol experienced higher mental performance after a period of eight weeks. If that’s not enough, chocolate can help to protect you from various common threats, such as strokes and heart attacks, assists in keeping your bones strong and healthy, and more.

So what can you do to make sure your snacks are choc-full of goodness? Here are some chocolate combos that could actively enhance your good health!

Improve Your Health By These Chocolate Products

1. Combat Cancer with Orange, Ginger, and Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is naturally brimming with fantastic antioxidants, which can help your body in numerous ways. These antioxidants can fight back against the damage that is caused by free-radicals, thereby assisting in fighting tumors. What’s more, the vitamin C that comes with the delicious boost of extra flavor offered by orange helps to enhance the anti-cancer aspects of your treat.

To get the most out of this combination, melt thirty grams of dark chocolate into milk and add chocolate and ginger for a spicy hot chocolate treat. The calcium will do wonders for helping to protect your body against colorectal cancer, according to a study conducted by the American Institute for Cancer research.

2. Demolish Depression with Chocolate-Covered Cacao Nibs

There’s something behind the concept of eating yourself happy, as long as you don’t take the idea too far. Cocoa is packed full of compounds that are excellent for improving your mood. For example, the anandamide found in cocoa stimulates your brain to produce the same pleasure responses as marijuana. For a quick mood-boosting snack, simply add chocolate-covered cacao nibs to a handful of dried fruit or figs. Figs are high in magnesium and calcium, which will help to banish nerves, while making you smile.

3. Tackle Tension with Walnuts and Rooibos Tea

Today you can buy bars of chocolate known as “Rooibos Tea Milk” bars, which are fantastic for an instant form of relaxation. This chocolate allows your body to release nitric oxide, which reduces blood pressure and dilates your blood vessels. The tea, rich in anti-oxidants, then helps to clear away all of the nasty free radicals that you don’t want lurking around. What’s more, the British Medical Journal found that eating walnuts can reduce your chance of experiencing a heart attack, so chop some chocolate and walnuts together, and then sprinkle them on yogurt for a delicious treat.

4. Curb Colds with Pure Cocoa Powder

Research has found that pure cocoa powder is one of the most antioxidant-filled foods in the world. By adding a mug of hot cocoa to your diet, you could effectively kick your immune system into overdrive, eliminating your chances of suffering from colds. For an extra kick, cut the sides of a red chili and add it to the milk you use for your hot chocolate while it is heating.

5. Avoid Arthritis with Cherries

Cherries are brimming with anthocyanin, a product that helps to block the compounds in your body that can lead to inflammation in the muscles and joints. To make a delicious pudding that wards off arthritis, simply melt thirty grams of chocolate into a heat-proof bowl, over a pan of boiling water. Freeze some cherries for ten minutes or so, then add the chocolate.

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