7 Easy Ways To Boost Your Memory

A strong memory ultimately comes down to the health and vitality of your brain. Whether you?re a student studying for an exam, a working professional trying to memorize an important business presentation, or a senior looking to preserve your recall ability, there are a number of things you can do to improve mental performance.

The brain, like other parts of the body, needs physical and mental exercise in order to increase memory power. In addition, getting the right amount of nutrients on board helps promote new neurons, otherwise known as neurogensis. These new cells don?t require any expensive medical prescription or medical procedure in order to grow; all they?need is for you to?follow some of the tips laid out over at Huffington Post:

1. Stop Smoking

Thinking about quitting? Take heart: Stopping smoking not only decreases your chances of developing lung disease, heart disease, cancer, and physical symptoms of premature aging, but can also give your memory a boost. Previous studies have already shown that smoking hurts your ability to learn new things and remember them later.

2. Have Sex Regularly

What?s easier than sudoku, more fun than weight-lifting, and helps you remember where you left your keys? Sex, of course! Consistent sexual activity has been shown to increase the production of new neurons (a process known as neurogenesis) in the brains of middle-aged rats, says a 2013 study at the University of Maryland.

Remember, memory is just like muscular strength ? it requires you to ?use it or lose it?. The more you test your brain, the better you?ll be able to remember and process information. Make sure to consider a number of different activities as these will break your routine and challenge you to create new brain pathways. The exercises can be virtually anything, as long as they?re new, testing and fun.

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