Picking up at a wedding

Secretly, women only agree to bridesmaid duties so that they have their pick of single men at the reception.

How Can You Position Yourself to Hook Up at a Wedding?

Provided that you are not the one getting married, it is so easy to pick up at a wedding. It?s a happy occasion at which everyone looks their very best, and as it is such a clich? to pick up at a wedding, it is bound to be on every single woman?s mind.

Be romantic and spontaneous

Weddings invariably make a single woman feel lonely. No matter how happy she may be for the newlyweds, a part of her will wonder why she does not have that sort of connection with anyone. At the same time, she will feel grateful for the single life. The idea of being bound to one man is terrifying for many women, particularly if not currently in love. She will be glad that she has the freedom to experience different men and have adventures on her own terms. Weddings bring up a whole host of emotions, which come together to ensure that it is easy to pick up at a wedding. You can play up to her simultaneous wishes for romance and adventure. Chivalrous behaviour is looked upon kindly at a wedding; small acts like topping up her glass or asking her if you ?may have this dance? will impress her. It is always a good idea to make your time with a woman feel like an adventure. At a wedding, you are confined to your location, but you can still make it fun. People watching is a good strategy to get a giggle out of her, but do not do it for too long. You need to be on the move. Getting up to dance, or going to get canap?s or drinks, are easy things you can do to avoid sitting and talking for hours.

Get into position

You have your sights set on the ultimate wedding catch: a bridesmaid. Any single bridesmaid will have been fighting off desperate guests all day. She will also be drained from having to talk to everyone and from placating the bride?s worries. She has probably had the make-up artists stab her in the eye with a liner pencil, and may not have eaten properly. In short, she is going to be cranky, even if she has plastered a smile across her face. You need to set yourself apart from every other single man at the reception. One way to do this is to have an excuse to be around. For example, you may offer to help with last-minute preparations if you have arrived early; this will give you a chance to get to know the bridesmaids and impress them with your willingness to help out.

On not taking advantage

By the end of the reception, there will be inevitably be a hysterically crying bridesmaid throwing up mojitos onto her taffeta dress. Do not go for her. She may be desperate, but hopefully you have enough of a moral compass not to take advantage of her. Besides, your reputation will be ruined. Only go for women who appear to have their dignity intact and the presence of mind to know what they are doing.

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