How to Pack a Cooler Like a Pro

Unless your wingman is Frosty the snowman or that one gay mutant that nobody liked in X-men, you’ll definitely be needing a cooler this summer.

Everybody loves refreshments; therefore, everybody loves a person with refreshments; therefore, when you’re pimping it at the beach (thanks to us and you being such a smooth operator) and manage to have a drink for everyone in a tiny cooler, be sure to thank us.


Step 1: Stock Cooler

Don’t just dump you cans/bottles of beer in the cooler? carefully stack beer at bottom.

Many people put a layer of ice at the bottom of the cooler, but that just ends up? taking space for much needed beers.

*** Freeze Water Bottles and place between beers:

  • Add extra ice to the cooler. Colder is always better.

  • After you kill all the beers, you have ice cold water to drink.



Step 2: Pour Ice & Add Rock Salt

Pour ice over the beers and slowly shake the cooler so the ice falls between cans/bottles of beer.

Pour a light amount of ice on top of beer and sprinkle rock salt onto ice. This will slowly melt ice to water and make a super cold layer around your beers.


Step 3: Repeat

Once you have done one layer of beers repeat until your cooler is full.? This process will not only allow for maximum space of cans/bottles of beer in your cooler but will make them super cold.


Step 4: Enjoy

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