How to Prevent Your Allergy Attacks


Stop Your Allergies From Starting in the First Place

Allergies just suck and once they come on and it be challenging to function at all, let alone get rid of them. You can however do a couple things to prevent them from starting in the first place.

Evaluate Your House Plants

Having some green life in a house or apartment looks nice and it can also clean the air, but certain plants just end up causing trouble for allergy sufferers because mold spores take root in the dirt. If you’re suspicious of your chosen plants try putting them outside for a week and see if you have any improvements.


There isn’t exactly a cure for allergies but immunotherapy is the closest thing. Essentially the treatment involves getting weekly shots to give your triggered immune system a restart. The downside is that the treatment can take 28 weeks to five years. The upside is that under the tongue dissolving tablets were recently approved so it’s easier to do the treatment at your own home.

Wear Sunglasses

Protective eyewear isn’t going to completely rid you of your allergies but it can do a little more than just shield you from the sun and make you look cool. Sunglasses can help to keep that nasty pollen away from your eyes where it latches on and causes all kinds of issues. You can also check the daily pollen count online before you head out if you really want to be sure about what you’re getting into.

Don’t Let Your Immune System Get Bored

Okay as strange as it sounds, the immune system has a job to do of fighting things off and when it has nothing to do it might act out and start responding to unnecessary things like pollen. So what makes an immune system bored? Overuse of antibiotics for one thing. What you need to do is to protect the good bacteria that we should have plenty of floating around in our gut.

To do so it’s crucial to cut down on refined sugars and alcohol, and to replenish with a probiotic. Stress should also be kept to a minimum, although of course that is often easier said than done. Eat more foods that filled with nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants, and try to only take antibiotics when they’re vital. Too much antibiotics in the system can throw the whole thing out of whack.

Kick Your Pets Out of the Bed

You pup is cute, but animals are carrying all kinds of crazy things in their fur and saliva and they share it all with you when they’re cuddling in bed. Animal dander can give allergies to people who aren’t even allergic, so it’s the smartest move to keep them out of your bed whenever possible.

Use Your AC

You might think having a weekend open is less likely to blow allergens in than running your air conditioning, but the opposite is true. As long as the filter is clean on your AC unit it will cool you down without blowing in pollen. And as a bonus, air conditioning also reduces the humidity which can help reduce allergy attacks as well.

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