Steal Drake’s style

Get Drake’s style with some amazing outerwear.

How to Take Fashion Inspiration from Rapper Drake

There are certain celebrities who are famous for excelling in their music or sports, who soon become even better known for having an amazing sense of style. Drake is a rapper who has been in the public eye since being a child actor, and has been quietly rising in the style stakes.

Strong outerwear game

Drake has his outerwear game down pat. For an understated look, he favours dark colored sports coats and trench coats. He is also known to dress ostentatiously on occasion- think leopard print puffa jackets. ?He also has quite the sweater collection, with multicolored, interestingly patterned knits being a fixture in his wardrobe.

Drake seems to own dozens of different coats and sweaters; the most important point for you to remember is to invest in well-made, stylish pieces of outerwear. Having a flattering coat makes a huge different to your look.

As you might expect, layering is also one of Drake?s strong points. Clearly a fan of keeping toasty warm, he often wears knitted cardigans over casual outfits.

Dark red

Apparently Drake?s favorite color is brown, but it is not a color he tends to wear. Red is his signature color, particularly darker shades such as carmine, although he has been known to wear chilli red. Usually, bright colors are best restricted to the top half of your outfit. Drake breaks the rules and has been known to wear red pants.

To take inspiration from his style, you do not necessarily need to dress like a fire hydrant. The reason why Drake wears so much red is because it looks good on him. The lesson here is to identify colors that suit you, rather than dressing based on what colors you prefer to look at. If it turns out that the color that suits you best is not a ?safe? shade, be brave and wear it anyway.

Thick brows

Having strong eyebrows is a key aspect of Drake?s look. They are not an unkempt forest, however. We can assume that someone with such thick eyebrows probably has a monobrow, but his are actually quite far apart. His eyebrows have quite clean lines, indicating that they have been waxed on all sides. His brows are shaped and maintained to balance out their thickness. Many men do not bother to pluck out the hairs from the centre of their eyebrows, let alone impose a defined shape upon them. You would be surprised at how much better you look with groomed brows, and it is something you can quite easily do yourself if you are too embarrassed to go to a salon.


Drake sometimes makes public appearances in awful outfits, such as fleecy tracksuit pants and hoodies. You do not want to emulate this aspect of his style; he can only get away with this because he is Drake. As with any celebrity, you cannot blindly copy his style. Take inspiration from his more fashionable aspects, but realise you cannot pull off some of his more sloppy looks.


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