5 Easy Ways To Feel Better Right Now

How To Feel Better Right Now

Too many of us get caught in a spiral of depression during our lives, whether it?s over our weight, money issues or relationship problems. With enough negative reinforcement from ourselves and others, we become used to only seeing our flaws and failures.

However, this mindset can be retrained into a positive one. In fact, it?s vital that we unlearn old beliefs for the sake of our mental and physical health. Over at Breaking Muscle, they?ve put together a list which can help you to have more optimistic outlook on life:

1. Practice Your Breathing

It seems like a simple concept, but many people spend the majority of their day breathing improperly.?Poor posture and habit have made it so most people breathe predominately with their chest and not their diaphragm (it should be 70% diaphragm compared to only 30% chest).

2. Improve Your Posture (And Confidence)

Many people I talk to want to improve their posture. They sit at a desk most of the day and tend to slouch forward.?The problem is, it takes so much conscious effort to sit better and many people struggle to do it. Chances are you will maintain this posture for mere seconds only, quickly forgetting you have to keep your muscles engaged, distracted by your next project.

As with any new skill or habit, you need to start small and practice regularly. It may feel a bit strange at first, but as you get into a routine, your thoughts and feelings will naturally follow. Don?t cheat yourself and plan to do them later. Get started right now. Nobody will laugh at you ? the chances are they?ll be doing exactly the same once they see the benefits you?re reaping.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a shot!




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