5 College Movies You Should Have Watched By Now

When you think of the word College you might think about John Belushi wearing his famous t-shirt from the movie ?Animal House.?? Movies about college have some of the most recognizable and memorable moments in the history of cinema.? They have helped shape what you should expect when you go to college.? We here at Campus Throne have put a list together showcasing the finest movie moments from College.

Animal House


All these other movies wouldn?t be on this list if it wasn?t for this one.? Animal House was the first of its kind and paved the way for other movies to follow in its footsteps.? Created in 1978, Animal House takes place on a college campus where the Dean is trying to get rid of the Delta House.? To make matters worse for Delta, the Omega House is trying to sabotage their attempts to remain a chapter on campus.? This is a must see if you enjoy laughing?


One of the biggest hits when it was released in 2003, Old School starred Will Ferell, Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson as they try to create a fraternity on campus when they don?t even attend the school.? The dean, who is played by Jeremy Piven, is trying to shut the frat down.? Sounds very similar to Animal House, but has its own unique twist to the story.? All we have to say is ?KY Jelly Wrestling.?


Bartleby is rejected by every college he has applied to so he decides to create a fictitious college named South Harmon Institute of Technology.? Unfortunately for him, he created such a great fake web site for the school that kids who were rejected from other schools show up to attend.? ?A college near by wants to buy the land the ?school?? and you?ll have to watch the rest to see what happens.


The movie promo boasts “It’s Time for the Odd to Get Even.” The guys from Delta Fraternity were dirty, but the Nerds (similar to Belushi’s gang), are neatniks. And where one revenge plot was roughly enacted, this group utilizes high-tech warfare against the jocks of the Alpha Beta Fraternity. Key scene: the only-in-the-80’s synthesized, hair-gelled, rock-out. A story that appeals to the dork in all of us.


A fun loving millionaire enrolls in college in order to convince his disillusioned son not to drop out. Wild parties, extreme pool diving sequences and general insanity ensues as a result. Funny films shows us that the chance to attend college is not to be taken for granted. The late Sam Kinison also turns up in a hilarious scene as a Vietnam veteran turned angry professor.? We here at the Campus Throne love Rodney Dangerfield.

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