Around The Clock Workout

Old Gym Gym:?


Standard tri set. Grab a clock and begin workout at the top of a minute (when the second hand is on the 12) and do 5 reps of the following exercises Pull ups (you may use regular, wide, or under hand grip or vary them from set to set) Squat jumps Push ups However long this takes you to complete you have the rest of the minute to rest. DO NOT rest longer than it takes for the second hand to reach to the top of the minute again, as this defeats the purpose of the workout. Repeat the set at the top of every minute. Continue workout for 30-60 minutes. A beginner may want to try it for 30 minutes; someone more advanced should be able to go the full hour.

***Disclaimer: Yes I know at the end of the video I said he had 25 seconds of rest left when he had 35. Brain fart. Get over it

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