The 7 Habits You Need To Avoid For A Healthy Brain

We’ve all had that one sharp grandparent, right? The witty one, that never missed a beat. Why do some people keep their?youthful humor and intelligence while others start fading away? Unfortunately the answer isn’t an easy one, and relies on a number of complex factors — your genetics for instance. But there is one hugely important aspect that is under our control: Lifestyle.

The environment we surround ourselves with, and the way we interact with it, will say a lot about how we fare later in life. The problem is many of us don’t realize just how much weight some of our decisions have, such as our choice of food or ideas about exercise. An article at Huffington Post has put together 7 habits that effectively ruining our chances at being one of those witty grandparents.

Mistake No. 5: Getting by on less sleep than you need

There are a number of scary health effects associated with sleep deprivation, from a higher risk of stroke and diabetes to impaired cognitive functioning. Over the years, losing shut-eye can also accelerate brain aging. In a study conducted last year, researchers from Singapore found that the less that older adults slept, the faster their brains aged.

The study’s lead author explained in a statement that among older adults, “sleeping less will increase the rate their brain ages and speed up the decline in their cognitive functions.”

Sleep is only one problem, but it’s made more difficult today when we live in large cities with lot’s of noise and distractions. Read the rest of the article for the other debilitating habits, including the classic American diet, a few drinks after work, and our preference for putting our legs up.

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About Sam Brinson Sam is a writer living in Uruguay. Sam follows the latest in aging break throughs.

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