Things You NEED In Your Dorm Room

Basically most guys want to know what they should bring when they move into their dorm.? They want to know what they will use mostly and what will impress the ladies.? Do not worry because this list should help you decide what is necessary in college guy’s dorm room.



  • Button Down shirts are? a must Guys wake up you are in college and now should dress professionally now.? Job?interns are going to start occuring and you need to look your best.??Plus you should always want to look?good and?button down shirts do that for you.? I would say 4-5 nice button down shirts will suffice.

  • Dress Pants. Same reasons?as for button down shirts.

  • Bring a couple of pairs of jeans to wear out for a party or to chill when it gets cold out.

  • Shirts: Bring a couple of nice? short sleeve and long sleeve shirts.? By nice I mean not all Hollister and Abercrombie and all that.? Wear different shirts; shirts no one has ever seen before.? Be different!? Do not forget crappy shirts too that can get dirty because you never know when a girl will check you out playing a sport!

  • Shoes: Guys bring a pair of dress shoes!? Always look your best when your going out.? Impress girls, show them what you got!? Bring one pair of running shoes like asics or nike.? I wouls also bring a casual pair, for example: Nike 6.0’s.

  • Then your usual socks, boxers, shorts, jacket ( A blazer would be very good), and multiple sweat shirts ( Just in case a girl steals one).


Dorm Bed

  • Comfortable bed Guys this is key.? If you have a comfortable bed, girls will keep coming back to it if they want to chill, have a couple of beers, “sleep”, whatever the case is they will come back.

  • Fan: It is most likely going to get very hot in your dorm room.? Make sure you have a fan to keep you cold at night when you sleep.? Also, make sure the room is comfortbale so when a girl comes in, she does not sweat till after you two are done!

  • Pillows: I would recommend two nice, either soft or hard, pillows.


College Food

  • Snacks: Bring a lot of snacks and little things to have because you might get hungry at night.? Ex: Doritos, ice cream, snack packs,?anything.? I find Easy Mac to be a perfect snack.

  • Soup: If you go to a school when it gets cold out, a nice bowl of soup will put you in a great mood.

  • Chocolate: Guys, girls like chocolate so it would not be a bad thing to have some of that around.

  • Microwavable food

  • Forks, Knives, Spoons, Napkins

  • Refrigerator, Freezer, and Microwave

  • Treat Yourself: Buy yourself something that you would like to make or have that you had home.? Who cares how expensive it is, just buy it so if you are ever in the mood for it, there it is!



  • Water: A couple of cases of water should be fine to start with.? But you will use them pretty fast in the beginning because it is probably going to be very humid when you first start school.
  • Soda or Iced Tea or any type of drink other than water you want to put in your refrigerator.



  • Toothpaste and Tooth Brush are a MUST

  • Towels: Bring a couple of towels, about 4-5.? Shower sex is amazing so you neve know!

  • Soap and shampoo

  • Razors

  • Toilet paper, tissues,?soap,?and paper towels: Be respectful to your other roommates and make sure you bring toilet paper too.? You do not want to run out of toilet paper!

  • Laundry Bag and Detergent: I would suggest to bring a lot of detergent and bring a big laundry bag because it? will suck if? you make a couple of trips to get your laundry.? Get all your laundry at once to make your life easier.

  • Vacuum: Keep your dorm clean!



  • Pens and scrap paper: You are going to fly out of pens and paper.? Bring a lot.

  • Binders and Notebooks are necessary

  • Printer: It is not completely necessary but if you are running late and need to print something fast, it becomes well worth it.

  • Highlighters, pencils, CALENDER, Ruler, Tape, Thumbtacks, SAT calculator, Backpack





  • First aid kit: You never know when you will need it

  • Tylenol, Excedrin, Pepto Bismol, and allergy medication (Ex: Claritin): Just make sure you are not allergic to any of these





  • *Be careful when it comes to alcohol:* When you go to school, your other college students will be having parties in their dorms.? That is one way to get noticed!? Bring a bottle of vodka or two to show your roommates and the girls that you are ready to party.? However, make sure you do not get caught and make sure everyone in your dorm agrees with it being ok!? The only reason I say vodka is because it does not have that smell like beer and it is easier to sneak in.? But be careful!
  • Condoms: This is huge right here.? Be safe and have a great time.? Remember, one bad mistake and there goes your life.? Just use them everytime you have sex.? I would recommend bringing 3-5 boxes because you also have to help out your friends when they need one.? Now some schools do not allow condoms, so make sure you hide them.? Also, it does not look good if you leave them out and a girl walks in.

  • Sports equipment: Bring a football, tennis racket, baseball glove, anything to do with sports.? Stay active and in shape.

  • Posters: It is always good to have posters.? Show people what you are interested in.? Always a good ice breaker!

  • Television: Always good to have one, especially if you put a game system on it.? Watch movies or play games.

  • Pictures of whatever you want ( Friends, Family…)


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