Preserve Your Mental Health With A More Productive Routine

With the amount of distractions these days, it can be easy to lose focus quickly. Too many of us are getting caught up wasting our brain power over problems which are largely irrelevant. While it?s important to conserve energy and time, removing all aspects of spontaneity can have consequences. A mundane routine is just as destructive as an aimless one. Read on to find out how you can strike the right balance:

1. Look At The Bigger Picture

The hectic day-to-day schedule of life can cause you to be constantly moving from one task to another. Sometimes it?s worth stepping back for a second and assessing what you really want to spend your time on, or what you?re trying to building towards.

Consider questions like these: Are you enjoying your job? Are you spending time doing activities which are worthwhile? Make sure to spend some time thinking about how you really want to live your life.

2. Make Time For Fun

It?s important you create a space for leisure time every week into your schedule. Too much work will place your under unnecessary stress and prevent you from living a rich and full life. Forget about productivity once every so often and give yourself permission to chill out.

Whether you?re a keen runner, cyclist or sports player, doing activities you enjoy will avoid you getting stuck in a rut. In addition, it gives your brain a chance to refresh, opening it up to new creative or innovative ideas.

3. Challenge Yourself

We know it?s easy to stay inside your comfort zone, but this is a sure-fire way to get yourself stuck in a rut. You can?t develop or learn new skills if don?t push yourself and try something new. However, that doesn’t mean you have a take a huge leap out of your comfort zone ? just be willing to take a few steps that will help you grow.

Look for ways to push yourself professionally and personally. Make new friends, face your fears or take up a new hobby. Doing this will ensure you continue to develop rather than being stuck in one place.

4. Exercise Before Work

There?s no better way to energize the brain than a good workout. Aerobic activity increases the flow of oxygen and glucose, allowing your mind to perform better. However, don?t stop when you get to work either ? try some jumping jacks or pace across the office. The brain loves you being on the move and staying active.

5. Play Brain Games

Linking back to the previous point, your brain craves exercise and challenges in order to perform efficiently. Starting the day with a Sudoku puzzle or crossword jumpstarts cognitive activity but be careful to not overdo it. Save creative and decision-making abilities for when you get to work ? the last thing you want to do is mentally flop before you reach the office.

6. Understand Your Body Clock

It?s important you plan your day around your body?s timetable.?Approach the complex tasks when your energy is high, whether that?s straight after you’ve woken up in the morning, or after you’ve rested and eaten. Save the less demanding tasks when your energy levels drop, like late afternoon for example. We?re all different, so make sure to find your body?s timetable.

7. Write A List

Trying to keep a mental note of everything can be draining. If you write down tasks, chores or items though, it frees your mind to focus on the present. Although there are more high-tech ways to jot down information like on a smartphone, at least on a piece of paper nothing can be deleted accidentally.


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