Do This 10-Minute Yoga Sequence To Ease Back Pain

One wrong twist and your day is ruined.?That pain in the middle of your back is debilitating, you just can’t function properly afterwards. You start walking around like you’re strapped to a pole, you can’t bend over or pick anything up, and just try sitting down to ‘work.’ Sitting down to work might be half the problem, as our ever-present working conditions and sedentary lifestyles are expecting us to sit more often, and posture is one big factor in back pain and support.

If you know you’ve suffered from it, or a putting yourself into situations that are tough on your back, you should be concerned. Back pain is something that gets progressively worse as you age, and you really don’t want it when you get old. While it can be difficult limiting the sitting at work and you enjoy the lounging afterwards, there’s no reason you can’t attack back pain another way. Huffington Post has put together a series of yoga positions that are designed to help deal with back pain, so when you’re feeling a little stiff you try these out:

Half Knees-to-Chest Pose

Ardha Apanasana
5 rounds, 2 breaths each, 1 minute total

Lie on your back. On an exhalation, draw your right knee toward your chest and hold your right shin with both hands. In this and the following 4 poses, do not press your lower back to the floor; instead, maintain a natural lumbar curve. Slowly inhale to release the right leg back to the floor, then exhale to draw in the left knee; inhale to release. Repeat, alternating right and left, 4 more times.

The exercises only ask that you have a strap to help with some of them, which is not much to ask for considering the benefit. Read the rest of the post for the other positions,?and follow the link inside the article for the full version.

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