How To: Have the Best Fall Semester Ever

You’ve heard it time and time again: College is supposed to be the best time of your life.? Most of it happens by just sitting there and soaking in the experience as a whole.? However, with a little effort, and a pair of testicles, you could be in for the best semester ever.? We drew up a straight-forward guide to some steps you can take to making sure that this semester winds up being a memorable one worth bragging about.



Pre-gaming is such an important part of college culture.? First and foremost, it introduces you to circles of new friends and you get to meet groups of peopel that will be going to the same place that you may be going.? This is useful because you will be that guy at the bar that everybody knows and will talk to for a bit.? Anybody not knowing you will either want to OR be wondering “who the hell is that guy?”? As if the social benefits aren’t enough, you’d be floored at how much money you save by simply pre-gaming before going out.? We’ve all been there: it’s $1 beer night and when you wake up and check your wallet, you realize that you somehow you spent $80.? Just buy a 30 rack of beer with some friends and invite some people in the dorm over to pre-game before going out.? Throw on some old-school party jams, and you’re set.? Altogether, pre-gaming will get you a nice circle of new friends for the semester, while also saving you some extra bucks in your bank account.


Beer Run

Don’t eat alone, don’t walk to the bookstore alone, don’t walk to 7 eleven alone.? Not because you may get raped, but because you should never turn down the opportunity to make new friends or get closer with friends.? The college scene is a crazy one, some nights you will pass out in the middle of the street, some nights you will get sharpied; it pays to have friends in the right place at the right time.? Just asking a few dorms around yours if anyone wants to run to the store could make a huge difference.? This new friend could look out for you down the line or might even be friends with some hot girls on campus.



For most students, the semester goes one of two ways.? No social life and good grades OR awesome times and not-so-great grades.? We highly recommend living up every waking moment of your college career.? However, to do so, you need to prepare your teachers for you being a slackerwhen the course-work interferes with your partying.? To prepare for this: introduce yourself to your teacher when the semester starts and tell them that you work 2 jobs while taking classes, and although you take school seriosuly and it is a priority of yours, you need to work to pay tuition.? This way, when you’re too hung-over to go to class or still partying at 8a.m. to miss Statistics 101, you already have a built-in alibi.



Be the student that everyone wishes they were.? Have the facebook pictures that make any of your friends say “damn, I wish I was that guy.” Go to Spring Break, go on a ski-ing trip over Winter Break, or even study abroad.? There are plenty of opportunities for you to travel throughout the semester.? Go for it and make it a time worth remembering.? Our very own Campus Casanova went to the Super Bowl, Rio Carnaval in Brazil and on?4 spring breaks last 2 Spring Terms, while somehow keeping a 3.2 GPA.? Have balls, take chances, see the world.? When you graduate, you’ll most likely have to work your ass off and vacation days may be sparse.? Take advantage while you can.? Besides, would Spring Break be the same if you were an older creeper? We think not…

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About Cliff Englewood Cliff goes to MSU and is TSB Magazine resident "College Life" contributor with tips and advice to get the most out of your time in college.

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