When she wants to have sex on the first date

Does She Really Like You, Or Does She Just Want Sex?

Will there be a second date?

For her to want to sleep with you on the first date, she must be keen on you. It is rare that a woman will have sex with a guy she does not like. Operate under the assumption that she is angling for a second date.

If you turn her down for first date sex due to whatever mind game you are trying to play, this may harm your chances of a second date. In this case, tell her that you do not want to rush things. You may say something like ?you?re too special for me to do this on the first date?.

Consider the context

Sometimes, sex is almost a given on the first date. Think about the context of meeting. If you connected on an internet dating site and both of your profiles profess seeking a long term relationship, first date sex is unlikely. You are both playing the game of not putting out on the first date to improve your chances in the long run. But, if you met by matching up on Tinder, first date sex is probable. It?s what you are both seeking, and the date component is merely a social nicety leading up to the one night stand you are both seeking.

Respect her

The reason why a woman will avoid sex on the first date (even when she really wants it) is because she is scared of being labelled a slut. She is worried that you will not see her as ?girlfriend? material. She is more than familiar with the disgusting saying ?why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free?, and she does not want to be so easy that you do not bother becoming exclusive.

When a woman has sex with you on the first date despite her concerns, you need to act in such a way that she feels respected. If you?re shooting for sex on the second date, this is especially important. Act like it is no big deal to have sex on the first date, and give her the same respect you would have, had you not slept with her.

Don?t make it exclusive too quickly

Having sex does not make her your girlfriend. If she asks you to label your relationship the morning after, and you have only just met, it would be silly to ask to be exclusive right then. Not wanting to be a couple straightaway does not mean you stop seeing each other. If you like her but would like to get to know her before jumping into anything serious, be upfront. Make it clear to her that you do not want to rush into a relationship after just seeing her once. Emphasise that you enjoyed her company and would like to go on a second date. Do not say ?I had a great time? or ?I had fun?; she will interpret this as being in relation to the sex only, and she will think that you do not see her in a girlfriend role.

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